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The Make Up Bag

Dear reader,

I must tell you one of the most useful presents that I received.  A makeup bag. Not any makeup bag but one that I really really needed.  You see, dear reader, when I delve into my bag on the train to put on my eyeliner and mascara I can barely see the utensils for the darkness of the lining. It's been a lucky dip.  I found myself delving again and again into a dark abyss in the hope of finding the one item I am looking for.  That delving tended to last almost the 20 minute journey before I changed train. There were better ways of using my time.

Let's consider how many eyeliners have dark colour casings?  How many mascaras or lipsticks have dark casings?  How many makeup bags have dark linings?  I had resolved to buy myself a makeup bag with a light lining, and as it happened that is exactly what my brother gave me for Christmas.  

Dear reader, when you are looking for a new make up bag I urge you to consider the colour of the lining.  It should be a major consideration on selection. Let me demonstrate.

My old bag with a lipstick, eyeliner and mascara camouflaged against a dark purple lining.

My new bag.  My instruments clearly visible.

Along with the bag I was given a pair of bamboo socks, with floaty clouds on.  

 This now seems to be a tradition (is a tradition that happens twice in a row at least?)  Last year he gave me 3 pairs of bamboo socks, which I adore, from Seasalt.  


  1. Tadaah indeed! I think you've hit on something so simple, yet so big in our Girl's World. How DID Bro know?!

    1. Hi MTPP, to be honest it was a total fluke. A very lucky one.


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