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The Wrong Trousers

Jeans, grrrr.  So annoying to buy but so darn good when you have the 'right' pair.  You know, the pair that skim, that do not bag, that retain their shape, that are not too tight. Jeans, they can look so right, or so wrong.

Yesterday I mentioned my new grey skinny jeans from Next.  Here's the link  Grey jeans . I have always found M&S and Next jeans fit me well.  These on me are 'right' jeans.  

Other brands on the other hand not so well.

As an example here are some white cord skinny (yes, skinny) jeans that I ordered from Gap.  Hmmm,  These Gap jeans did not fit me so well.  So unwell in fact that they looked 'so wrong.' Dare I say, so frumpy.  You can see I've put on 20 years, and that's just from behind! Perhaps one needs long legs to make these work.

What did go well was using Collect Plus to return these free of charge.  

What brands are right on you?