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What to Wear for a Wild West Night -UK Style

Dear reader, on Saturday we went out to celebrate oldest's new birthday.  We went to a Wild West themed restaurant.  There is more on my Anna blog here.  

I chose to wear my tan riding boots, an Aztec/Inca patterened top, black jeans and a light tan leather jacket.  

Boots are still available here from Office  .  I bought mine last year and they are so comfortable.   I have put heel wedges inside as the zip rubbed a bit. I bought the wedges, called heel lifts, from Amazon.  They are great for giving a bit of height when you are in flat boots. 


  1. Oh, silly me, I've just asked what you wore on the Anna blog! A perfect outfit, ma'am. But what a clever idea about the heel lifts. I'm going to give them a try, than us for the tip.

    1. Mind you the plaid shirt would also have been appropriate. Maybe more day time than evening though.


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