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Winter Florals - Done

The Pout has done it again.  She's set a challenge I can't ignore. To wear winter florals.  Hmmm.  I don't have much floral let alone suitable for winter. 

Move aside with that thought.  On Friday we had a work Christmas lunch.  Petra organises it for 20 or so of us with an instruction to be festive.  I couldn't do the Xmas jumper trick again could I? She caught me mid typing email.  Darn! 

At home I rummaged.  There I found it. And the colours were festive.  And it was floral.  Two challenges solved for the effort of one.  A WOGEX  (wear one get one extra). 

I teamed my festive floral tunic dress with the cassis coloured cardigan I'd worn the previous Friday, and leggings and booties.

Funny how a cardigan makes the look more age appropriate.  There's a trick for up the cardigan sleeve for the future.  Apply the frump to a young look to age it. 

The cardigan is available here in Cassis.   The boots are the Clarks ankle boots that I wrote about here .  They are available UK and USA in this season's collection.   The dress I am afraid is no longer available. 

(note that I have started a few sentences with 'and'. This is in the spirit of my blog here.)


  1. And you've totally nailed it, Anna! Your dress has pretty festive colours. And I am such a fan of the WOGEX, but didn't think that the concept would have the nice punchy acronym that you've found.
    And YES you are spot on about the cardi trick. I can it working. Who would have thought?! As well as toning a posh frock down to make it more wearable ITRW, a cardi also does that age-appropriate trick too. Great discoveries for we more mature fashionistas, Anna, the WACFAA and the WOGEX - well done!!!

  2. All the best sentences begin with 'and'...

    SSG xxx


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