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Another Sunday Look for my Denim Shirt

Sparkly jumpers and glasses perched on heads. 

That's how to dress for a Sunday afternoon in a up market English bar. On arrival in this establishment I immediately perched my sunners on my bonce.  Yes,  even though it's winter the sunglasses are out,  on everyone on women who are stylish.  I had to play ball.  We have high pressure in the UK at the moment weather wise.  That means cold, frost and sun which is low in the sky.  Sunglasses are essential.  However, even those not wearing sunglasses perched their prescription glasses upon  sleek hair.  Oh so Cannes. Oh so Monaco.

I had dressed in an oufit prompted by my American friends.  Kind of a challenge Anna, haha. Well, Anna made this so American look perfectly UK appropriate,  eventually.  Strangely it was with the inspiration of another American. Here's the story.

The prompt was this from Pinterest.

 It was I who had suggested using a denim shirt due to my difficulties blogged here.  It therefore behoove me to do this look. So I did.

On me it looked, well, inappropriate.  Shirt and leggings,  at my age!  No!
I also felt too bunched up around the neck.

I swapped the leggings for skinny black jeans and played with the scarf to make it more a wrap. I also half tucked the shirt.  Now, wrapped scarves slip off so what to do?

Here my inspiration came from Jodie.  Her blog here explores brooches on accessories.  Well, I have brooches and hardly wear the things.  But I could use a brooch to pin my wrapped scarf.  I did.

Coat, gloves, sunglasses  and Emu boots later we went to explore a new bar in town.
I wasn't in a sparkly jumper but I did have the foresight to wear sunglasses, especially to put them on my head.

And I do like to feel that where I failed in sparkle I succeeded with my leopard print bag.

 Dear reader, to hear more of our adventure in this bar head over to my Anna blog here.


  1. You are my window into a world far removed from my own, dear Anna! Perhaps I should try to be a fashion visionary and wear my prescription spectacles on top of my head this summer. Will let you know if it takes off.

    SSG xxx

    1. I have to say my short sighted glasses live on my head at work. The head is such a handy shelf.

  2. Fun post, as always! I don't truly get the blanket scarf but your switch to wrap looks lovely, you nailed it. Are the Emus from Clarks? Didn't realise I'm on trend with my 365 sunnies!
    Anna, you don't need sparkle, you ARE sparkle!

    1. I have discovered that a sparkly jumper seems to be a must have for a woman my age. I am now on the hunt. I am going to blog the boots for you.

  3. I actually like look one and two! As for sunglasses on the head,it's normally my reading glasses perched on mine!

    1. It's my short sighted glasses on mine. Thanks for visiting. I am a frequent reader of your blog and so honoured you have visited me.

  4. I'm so glad you found a functional way to wear your brooch---especially since we have them and scarves don't always stay in place---how perfect!!
    Thanks so much for the shout out---I really appreciate it!


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