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Catch Up on the Food Front

Dear reader,  Mr Him is complaining that last shop I 'didn't buy food.'  Well, as I'm working on finding bits in the cupboards and freezer to eat that is rather the point. 

On my braces diet, however, I lost 1 lb last week.

Mashed potato and scrambled egg both featured a fair bit and on repeat again this week.  I had a bit of a brain wave in the autumn and froze some precursor to a carbonara.  You know,  the bacon onion garlic bit.  I made more than I needed for one meal and froze two little pots.  Last weekend I used one pot and added pasta and egg. No cream. Diet!   Easy peasy. 

One day this week  I had a can of Army's Kitchen lentil soup for lunch that's been in the cupboard for a while.  We've used a few cans of tuna from the cupboard for some meals mixed with pasta. On many fronts I soooo want to bite into a pizza (diet, braces, pantry clean out).  I'd even eat the crusty bit.  Still, I'm enjoying my Mullerlight which hits the diet and the braces spot.  The pic is of some that I found in Waitrose in the summer but currently I'm slurping, through braces, some in coffee flavour. 

Are you doing a 'pantry clean out' in January?  We haven't hit 25 items yet and we seem to be eating things we'll end up replacing which won't end up an economy.  Still it's reducing our January spend.  


  1. Well done with the pound loss and the pounds gain by not shopping. I'm eating through the freezer and working through the pantry and am over the 25 items hurdle ... but not in a good way.

    1. Thank you. I think we just eat too much for our calorie usage. I will need to be more scientific and mathematical.

    2. I've now come clean on how much I've chucked out, errm, I mean, decluttered. So ashamed. But by not eating Chuck-outs at least I kept within my calorie usage :-).


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