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Challenge - Leopard Print and Burgundy

Dear reader, I'm rash. My hand goes up to volunteer before I think things through.  Before I know it I'm organising the next 'ginger cat bicycle safari' in Wimbledon.  (Note for disclaimer purposes, I don't believe there is such a thing but if there was I'd be on the committee. )  So,  (yes starting with so) my hand tapped volunteer on a private style group,  normally run by a professional I might add, when said professional asked for help.  The result is that this week I am styling America. OK, well about 1000 women across America and Canada.  Ta daah .  When I say 1000, there are 1000 members and 3 of us from Europe.  

Wednesday's oufit concoction was black, burgundy and leopard print.  I really love how the burgundy offsets leopard. 

There are a couple of feelings associated with setting these oufits for "America". One being  huge satisfaction in seeing the oufits as they are worn on the group's Facebook page. The other a strange feeling of  looking in a mirror repeatedly (that's not satisfying, just to be clear. )

An unexpected satisfaction was that many copied how I tied my scarf. I find this one of my most used knots.  It goes like this.

Wrap scarf completely around the neck once leaving both ends hanging down.
Do a knot at the front  (like the start of a bow ). That should leave you with two long ends hanging down the front in the middle of your body rather than either side of your body. 

Ta daah

Dear reader,  have a go with burgundy and leopard print.  This is your challenge of the week.


  1. It's such a lovely look, Anna and you look pretty curvaceous in it! Not a smidgen of a sign of Christmas over-indulgence, unlike the rest of the blogging nation who now seem to be dieting.
    Your hair is looking lovely, BTW, nice flicky-in variance.

    How brave of you to do this challenge. Was there much admin, techy stuff and pressure? And did it require more than an entry level iPhone?!


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