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Decluttering and more of What I have Worn

Dear reader,

I'm in full decluttering mode, again.  My aim to rid the house of 125 items over 5 days. This 125 is broken into 25 books, 25  paper items,  25 clothes and 50 other objects.  Yesterday 3 bags of 'stuff' were donated  to our local British Heart Foundation thrift store.  13 books,  13 items of clothing and 13 various objects  (mostly a 3D glasses collection. Why we kept them I don't know. It's not as if 3D became a phenomenon on the TV front.  I guess I thought it would. )  On the paper front I recycled 50 items, mostly paper manuals for items we no longer even have.

3 bags off to BHF

A year ago I started a clothes sort out here.  In the summer I gave you an update here.  I kept this sorting going for the year and with the arrival of New Year's day  I can now abandon the crate holding pod sorter and return to using only drawers.  

And the crate did the job. At the end of each month I could see what was unworn left in my drawers.  Items left for several months were then scrutinised under my expert eye to ascertain why they were unworn.  Some due to weather,  some due to not the occasion occurring.  However it turns out that 7 bags worth over the year  were unworn due to just not liking due to style,  colour or fit.  They were items that for any occasion I had something better to wear.  I hope someone is now getting use from them as those 7 bags were donated to charity during the year.

How about joining me?   Grab those carrier bags and find 125 items to donate, recycle,  sell or chuck.  However, and this is a BIG however, do remember not to be too rash.  I wrote here on 'decluttering not.'  I won't repeat but I am very thorough about what I chuck.  I do not hold with the concept of if not worn for a year then throw it.  Instead I try to understand why I haven't worn it and edit out on that basis. 

As for the crate, I have new plans for that.  You will need to wait until my next blog to hear about that.  

Moving on to what else I have worn over the break.  I have made more use of my fur scarf as a gillet substitute.

For New Year's eve I wore my feminine but cheap New Look burgundy blouse with a statement necklace.

Look at those sleeves! Love them.

I even wore sandals, really feminine for me in the winter.  These are those £5 ones  I got from M&S if you remember. 

On Christmas Day we wore aprons.

An old knitted dress with leggings and ankle boots. This dress is one I wear for casual smart winter occasions and is about 10 years old. 


  1. Such an excellent idea, Anna, and I love the way you've broken it down into areas and then in manageable segments = the approach of success.
    I have about 200 paper items stashed behind the sofa that I can no longer procrastinate over. House mags going back 15+ years. I've moved on. That's a start eh, and should get me up to the magic 125 number but not the split of categories. Is that acceptable?'

  2. Love the burgundy blouse and fur scarf! Great way to declutter by setting goals.


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