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Decluttering of the Body

I've decided to declutter my body.  I know I embarked on this last year too and  have looked at my posts from then as reference.  I guess it's a matter of finding the right formula.  Last year, at the beginning of the year, I found that I was zappyier (not a word but should be)  if I kept off meat. Last Sunday I found that I  put on 2 lbs in weight if I ate carbs.  No wonder looking after our bodies is a minefield.  So I concentrated on eating protein this last week and eliminating carbs.  I even had those protein pots for lunch during the week, twice. You know the sort,   the ones available in Pret for instance.  A pot with peas, leaves and edamame beans in the bottom and some protein on top, such as a dab of chicken or hard boiled eggs.  I got mine in M&S for my work lunch.  Tasty actually. I did have some Slimmimg World chips with it one day and that may defeat the point! 

In fact all last week my lunches were very green.  My suppers carb free.

Even my tea was green! 

Really this is green tea.  The lighting did't do it justice

Did I lose any of the half a stone I put on over Christmas?  No, I added to it by 2 lbs. My waist is like a giant tangleweed.  Everything it touches sticks to it.  Like this American fun size Twix.

Looking back over photos of my food over the last year, my most successful weight loss was when I ate  carbs strangely enough, but the most common denominator for my weight loss is limited low fat carbs and/or limited low fat meat.

Here are meals from my successful weight loss management. (note dear reader, the pictures aren't pretty.) 

low fat protein rich

low fat protein 

veg and protein mostly, low fat chips in a small quanity

low fat home made chips on a small plate

low fat protein rich

work lunch - low fat protein rich
no carbs here but low fat protein

all carb - this is a Deliously Ella recipe

veg and polenta

no carbs, low fat protein

carbs for breakfast in a small portion

small portion of home made chips low fat for lunch

massive bowl of Slimming World carbonara, low fat.  I doubt I ate it all. 

small potion, few low fat carbs

low fat only carbs, mostly protein and veg

smoked salmon and cold potato mixed with cottage cheese 

small portion of low fat carbs, protein and veg

No carbs here unless its the beans

small portion

Well I found that interesting and it will help me plan this week's food. I will also dish my own food up as portion size seems a key.  Mr Him has been dishing up over the last few months.   I'll let you know how I get along.  Expect another boring food diary next week. I have to be accountable somewhere!


  1. Hi Anna! I'm in that same place, trying to find the right foods for my body, budget, and busy-ness scale. So fascinated that Pret calls them protein pots. (We lived at Pret when we spent a week in London because we could afford it for our big family, though we did splurge on two meals at Zizzi, too.)

    I am doing a bunch of salads this week and laying off most carbs (beans and legumes okay, but not much else). I am slowly gaining more and more weight as the months progress. And my husband -- who is a smart man and knows better than to say something about a woman's weight -- has expressed concern. I got to figure this out!

    1. Maybe we should just eat a bit less with each year that passes. I am working hard on cutting my portion sizes this week so far. Good luck and welcome to my blog. I have another blog too that is more about living in England and bit more light. This one is my boring blog:)

  2. Interesting post, Anna, and I think I just may be inspired as you are determining what works for you and not blindly following some programme. How was your WW sloppy Joe, BTW?
    And for the record, I think your waist looks fabulous in the burgundy outfit below, I would love to have a neat middle like yours!

    1. I think maybe my weight went on after that. I definitely am chuncky around tummy, bum and thighs. I will do a piece on my sloppy joe experiment. A bit more experimenting to do yet.


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