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Decluttering of Home Continues

I am full of good, useless, fantastic ideas.  For instance last year one idea was  to sell the clothes I'm not wearing, films I'm not watching and music I'm not listening too.  Make money, declutter, win win.  Full of vigour I set myself up on our local selling site,  I took pics,  I posted and I waited, and waited.    I bumped, I lowered the price,  I waited.  I tried Ebay. Again, no one wants my clothes, my music or my films.

Now, in January, and thinking of decluttering I have  sorted out 25 of the CDs to take to charity instead.  Let's just get them out of the house and make space.  

What does seem to sell is the odd household item.  I have sold 2 wicker baskets on our local site over the last year. And today I have sold a quite old table, that I think came from IKEA originally, for the massive sum of £2.  That's decluttering and a bit of cash for the coffers. I put these dribs and drabs of sale money into a separate pot for using to buy something when we need a household item.  Recycling the cash tied up in  old acquisitions. Mutton Economics.

Additionally I set Mr Him the task of clearing out the medicine drawer and, lo and behold, in excess of 25 out of date packets of tables and bottles of syrupy stuff were found. Have I got to 125 yet?  Oh, I'm sure I've surpassed it. 

This morning I looked in the newly refurbished medicine drawer.  It struck me that Look through the Keyhole style one could tell our age.  A few flu remedies, no painkillers (must go shopping), plenty a lot of digestive track pills, a few support bandages and joint pain remedies. 

How have you got on with your decluttering?  What drawers have you tackled?  Could you tell your age from your medicine cabinet?


  1. I love that you are so focused on this task. Yippie! I can count the unwanted meds we 're-gifted the chemist last week. And I can take my own lead and ditch some eyeshadows. I could have a rather big number to check in shortly!
    Wishing you lots of decluttering fun!
    And oh yes, our age is very visible in the bathroom.


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