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Footwear for my Burgundy Jeans

I mentioned that I wanted to tell you about the burgundy jeggings and slippers which is not a look you'll see a high profile  fashionsta wearing on their blog.  However,  I like to keep my blog real.  You don't think my pics are poor quality and poses awkward and lops sided and my feet in slippers because I'm amateur do you?  No, quite the contrary.  It takes a lot of professionalism and the latest high tech equipment to pixilate in low definition. My set is carefully prepared to achieve the look of a shabby working home in the background.  My feet ensconced in cozy slippers to make you feel comfortable.  Yeah, right.

Now, the jeggings and the feet.  In reality I wore these jeggings with boots but a bit of experimentation took place in the kitchen first, boring amusing the family once again. 
The prompt for 'the Americans ' that day was black booties with these burgandy trousers but i wanted to try other looks on the feet to see what else would work. Slippers yes.  Essential footwear for this look in the winter home. 

Tan boots didn't work for me.  I think this is dependent on shade of tan and shade of burgundy.  To my mind my shades clash, with the tan too orange for these too cherry burgundy jeans.  I also think there are too many colours in this arrangement.  I feel that the 3 colours in the following pics are more put together.  

Burgundy ankle boots are a win though. Note,  very hard to achieve slanted pose.

Black booties  (ankle boots) another win.

I didn't try my long black boots but they would have worked too.
Have you been wearing burgundy trousers/jeans? What colour combinations have you tried for footwear with them?   Do you think 4 colours in an outfit too many?  I have noticed that other times when wearing 4 colours it looks fine.  


  1. Love the post !
    After much hunting I have identified prs of fuchsia and terracotta jeannage (golf gear). Neither is tugging me, your burgundy jeans are so versatile.


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