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Lack of Grey Cardigan - the Alternative

If you can't use your faithful companion number one  (because it's still on its away day week at Mutton Spa, now being dewrinkled having emerged from the tub ) you fall back on another very good friend.  Faux fur scarf in my case, in grey. What a surprise!

Friday saw me dig out my burgundy jeans,  a black long sleeved T, black cardigan and faux fur scarf.  I popped a necklace under so as my neckline  wasn't bare if the office became too 'hot for the fox'.

I also wore my cream jumper again (oh, so many repeats you must be bored) .

I'm going to slip these pics into the original posts as well so as they are a more complete record for refering to for I (and you if you find it useful.)

Have you been revisiting your fur scarf since I launched the challenge here


  1. I'm loving your fur challenge!
    Anna, where did you get those lovely grey boots?! There's some in the Clarks sale but they have fur spilling over the top, unsure on that.

  2. I love your faux fur scarf and the idea of a Mutton Spa.

    SSG xxx


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