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Let's Get Ready for Spring

The colours are announced, dear reader.  It's time to think like a real fashionsta. Let's get a head start and rummage. Throw open those closets and dig. Unearth your greenery,  your niagara  (turquoisy denim to you and me ), your pale dogwood and lapiz blue.  Sort out your primrose yellow from your pink yarrow.  For yes, Pantone has spoken. We know now what we'll be wearing this spring.   And it won't be grey, apparently, sadly.  I feel a rebellion coming on. 

 I know we're economising but we have wardrobes stuffed  full of Pantone of years past, without knowing it. Like this  blouse which I must start wearing again.

It's time to find those hidden gems that we can use this spring.  A greenery blouse, a niagara T shirt,

a pale dogwood jacket, hazelnut scarf

Don't forget nail varnish, handbags, beads. 

I know that I have a summer kimono in primrose yellow tucked away in my summer drawer.

There are some colours in the Pantone selection for 2017 that I know will suit me and when the shops start filling  I will selectively invest in  for my 10 year wardrobe.  I'm thinking niagara, hazelnut, pale dogwood. What colours will you be stocking up on?

Your challenge this week is to closet sort and find the items from this colour pallet that you can use this coming season to look on trend.


  1. Once again Anna, I am so impressed by the amount of research you have done for this post. You mentioned Niagara recently and I had NO IDEA what you were talkig about. I do now. Hooking out things even closely resembling those prettily-named colours would involve entering my out-of-season wardrobe prematurely (it is still January!). From memory I could muster some green, yellow, pink and lots of hazelnut. Now, are you starting up a petition to get them to reinstate GREY?!!!

  2. Oh, I have no intention of wearing this yet, but it's good to be a step ahead of the fashionistas. Grey is apparently one of the winter colours so I am still ekeing it out.

  3. Oooh this is fun! Loving them all. I need to take a look at my closet now!


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