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The Crate and Some of My Desert Island Products

Dear reader, well I have found 5 further items to remove, an old mirror frame ( the mirror had been broken a while back), some old jewellery nets and some keys (and that's an interesting dilemma.)  Actually so interesting that the keys issue involved salvaging 2 of the old jewellery nets that I had just put in the bin. 

Keys, are they useful or not?  What do they fit?  After establishing that there is no door in this house that they fit I still couldn't quite throw them out.  The answer was to put them in this salvaged from bin jewellery net and see if I ever need them.  Perhaps in a few years I'll be confident that I can throw them away.  This is an investment in future decluttering.  Keys that do fit doors I have put in another net in another drawer in  my bedroom.  Hopefully never the two nets shall meet and swap about.

I know you want to know my plans for the crate.  Before I embark on that story I am detouring to ask how many items in your bathroom, cabinet or dressing table do you replace if you run out.  I don't mean generic such as a night cream.  I am talking specific brands, items and colours. The items that I can think of immediately are;

my Alpha H glycolic acid.  I use this twice a week except in the summer months.  This is the easiest way to exfoliate to my mind.  Twice a week I wipe this acid over my face before bed.  On those nights I do not use nightcream.  

my tan luxe for the face.  Perfect for self tanning by adding drops to your own face creams in your hand as you apply at night or in the morning.  There is no need to swap out for a self tan lotion, thereby abandoning your own routine, when using this product.  I wrote on it here if you would like more information.

my Tarte CC cream in light.  Sadly I cannot replace it currently as its not available in the UK but I have found an alternative.  This Perricone serum foundation serum.  I have been using the CC cream, and now this serum, in the winter at weekends for a light foundation covering.  I find it natural looking in daylight. 

Over the next few months, if I come across some other items I will update you.  In the meantime how am I using my now spare crate.  I have decided that my dressing table is a major clutterfest.  Yet how much do I really use?

I have embarked on brushing this lot into the crate

Before shoving items into crate

Before crate up

As I use an item it is worthy of placement on my dressing table.  After 9 months I should know what to remove from the house.  I say 9 months as  I want to cover some of the summer months before I am rash as some items will be seasonal. 

These items are remaining as I have used them today or will do so tonight. 

Remaining on my table. 

My lipstick box is a seasalt socks container from last Christmas

Out of interest I found an old blog picture of my dressing table 2 years ago.  It was tidyer than my precrate current scenario so I have clearly accumulated over the 2 years.  You can see my Alpha H is in both pictures.  Proof that that is one item I have repeat purchased as I mentioned above. 

What are your desert island items?  I'd love you to comment below and tell me and fellow readers.


  1. I know I'm terrible for buying eyeshadows (just had to have!), and not using them. Yet they're hard to throw away! I'm going to march up to that bathroom cabinet now!

    Baby lotion and tissues and vaseline, don't think I could survive without those.

    Lovely make up you have.


    1. Heather, please check the "open jar" life on those eye shadows and eye products generally, best avoid eye infection eh? Be ruthlessness with them!

  2. My golly gosh, you are storming into 2017, Mutton Manor must be in full spin as you declutter it within an inch of its life! Please come and do the same to Chez Pout when you're done there!
    My must haves are Clarins gentle eye makeup remover and orange one step cleanser, Boots cotton pads, any non-perfumed moisurising lotion and eye cream (usually Simple or L'oreal ), YSL faux lash mascara, Body Shop or Lipsyl flavoured lip balm, channel vitalumiere foundation. And tweezers. They get me out the house.
    If deserted, then only eye cream and moisturiser, lip balm and tweezers and plenty clean water would be my nice to haves. But I think I'd be focusing on survival, not beauty!


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