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The Eye Crayon

Well, I've learnt a new trick.  To heck with faffing around with a smokey eye let alone blending colours. I've discovered the chunky eye shadow stick and I'm crushing it, (not literally but had to use this word as its deluging writings in Blognation.)  Back to eye pencils,  mine is Laura Gellar in Pewter. I'm not alone in this discovery.  Around the globe women are abandoning the two tone time wasting shadow blendathon. Instead we're crayoning in one colour from lashline to crease and be done with it.  Well , apart from liner and mascara.  They are transportable, easy to use, very little room to make  a mistake, light to carry and cheap enough generally to keep one in a desk drawer at work.

So what is available in the way of eye crayons and what am I using? 

Here is mine. From Laura Geller in the USA, in Pewter.  A smear of this lasted me all day and did not ride into the creases.  I was impressed.

The ones that I've heard the ordinary folks like me rave about are as follows. 

NYX jumbo eye in Iced Mocha or Yogurt  NYX jumbo eye

Rimmel Scandalous Eyes pencils in Bad Girl Bronze

Maybellline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo  in Bad to the Bronze or Inked in Pink. This is not a pencil.  I couldn't find Bad to Bronze on but here is a link to Inked in Pink

Charlotte Tilbury Colour  Chameleon here

Laura Mercer Cavier sticks seemed well recommended in Moonlight here

That's a bit of research done for you, dear reader.  There should be something there for whichever country you reside, from UK to Sydney and every stop between.  

Have you discovered eye crayons yet? If so which are you using and how are you using them?


  1. My, you've done your research, Anna. Thank you. I have them in a sludgy taupe and a smoke. Loved email but I stopped using them because of the sharpener aspect, I'm a bit OTT with eye products. Have you come across any "self sharpening" crayons?

    1. The Laura Geller one that I use is a non sharpening one. You twist it up at the end like a lipstick.

  2. Thanks for doing all the leg work for all of us, especially those of us who live outside of the UK! I have just gotten on the eyeshadow pencil wagon for all the reasons you have listed. My one and only eyeshadow pencil is Sephora's Secret Boudoir which I use as a base for powder eyeshadow mostly. So I'm not saving that much time using it so far but one day I hope to be brave enough to just wear it with some eyeliner and mascara.

    SSG xxx

    1. Using just the pencil is my new thing. I think it depends on colour as to whether it can work alone. As mine is a bronzy called Pewter it gives appearance of shadow.


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