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Conference Casual

I'm not sure how successful this will be but I have decided to mix my wardrobe this week.  Top half will be smart work clothes and bottom my smart casual weekend wear.  I am in office workshop set in a hotel all week.  It will mean early starts from home, getting up an hour earlier, and coming home later.  I want to be organised.  To that end I have placed my outfits together on hangers, blouse, trousers and jackets in collections.

As I will be mixing with colleagues from abroad who work in a less formal office many, I'm guessing, will be in casual gear.  Let's hope so as I have decided to abandon my office skirts this week.  No, its not a new trend I've come across, 'pantyhose the look.'  I mean I'm intending to wear casual skinny jeggings and jeans with my blouses and jackets.  It's a rare opportunity to try out some alternative looks.  Generally work wear and casual wear do not meet, in my world.

For instance this is a typical office look for me.

 And this.

This coming week I am going to wear a navy military jacket with olive jeans and a work blouse,

A work blouse in cream with black skinny jeans and a black jacket

One day I will have a touch of the vapours and wear a work blouse, with a work 'Vaporous Grey' jacket and burgundy jeggings.

Thursday is black jeggings again and, I've forgotten what.  It's the vapours, they've hit me badly.

Moving to Friday, it will be normal denim jeans, a grey jacket and white shirt with a layered bracelets.

If you want to see how well this goes then you can find me on Instagram as mutton_style. I hope to post outfits daily.  I haven't tried them on together yet.  Any one of these may fail once they are on and just look bad for some reason or other.

By the way, Sainsbury's have skinny burgundy jeans in stock. 

Talking of shopping, we did as I just pointed out the jeans in Sainsburys, I noticed as I was putting together my work outfits that I had a serious lack of navy skinny jeggings other than denim. As I have some money from my parents and uncle from Christmas unspent I corrected that lack.  I bought a pair from M&S on Sunday.


  1. I picked the burgundy jeans up from Tu last week.. sadly they didnt fit quite right for my annoying shape, but hey are lovely. Love that your getting to try a different style this week.. how fun! Are you enjoying it? really like the military jacket look too.. that looks like a fabulous outfit!

    1. I tend to stick to M&S and Next. They generally fit my body. The military jacket day was my favourite.

  2. Very nice outfits!! It's smart to plan ahead for the busy week!

    1. I made a big difference being that organised. I may continue.

  3. I think you'll love mixing it up, Anna!! It brings new life to our clothes!!

  4. Love your organisation! And I'll be so excited to see you on IG in these as it's the kind of thing I would so love to try more of, so I'm sure I'll find inspiration in what you post. This is gonna be exciting!
    You are so right, continentals are always so much more casual yet sooo stylish. Maybe you can take a few pics of what they wear too and share with us.
    Love those burgundy jeans BTW.

    1. Thank you. I liked seeing what was worn by others but couldn't take pics. In fact social media was banned.

  5. I've been working on remixing my closet. Such a great idea to pair casual with work wear. Hope you're having a great week!

    1. Thank you, I did. I don't get much opportunity to blend wardrobes and I did really enjoy the experiment.

  6. Love how you've worked work blouses into your more casual wardrobe!

    SSG xxx


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