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Conference Wearing, Conference Eating

Dear reader, I know you are agog on two fronts.  How did my outfits pan out?  How did my diet pan out? 

Day 1

This was an outfit   I liked.  The black jacket was safely authoritative. The black jeggings,  discreet  and could be taken for work trousers. The blouse was a work blouse.  I felt confident , relaxed yet secure if I'd misjudged the environment.  A prudent choice for day one. 

Some women were in business attire.  Others smart casual.  I particularly liked a dark purple jumper and purple and lilac scarf on one of my colleagues.   I'm now on the hunt for a blackberry jumper. 

I ate my own overnight oats and fat free yogurt for breakfast and selected cod and vegetables for lunch.  I sneaked in some potato salad, remembering about carbs. I did have 3 biscuits.  Bad bad Anna. 

At home I had fat free cottage cheese and mixed in a spoonful of Morroccan topped humous.  That was very yummy.  You should try it.  I had a couple of Jacobs crackers too.

Day 2

This saw me in my least successful outfit.  I liked the jacket and blouse together.  They went well also with the burgundy jeans.  The trouble was the jeans just didn't work with my work ankle boots, (and I've chickened out of showing you the boots with them.)  I didn't want to show cold white skin but unrolled they bagged against the boots.  The jeans were just not skinny enough to create a sleek look.

I ate overnight oats,  salmon and veg and then we went to dinner in the evening.  I stuck to meat and no carbs. I tried to watch my diet.  Really I did.

Day 3

I wore the black jeggings and an olive cardigan twinset and faux pearls.  A bit posh, yes? I doubled up on the necklace.  A bit boho, yes?

I ate porridge. Yes I was in a hotel overnight, see my packing in a backpack above pic). For lunch I remembered resistant carbs and had  potato salad, kidney beans and a fishcake.  Supper was my new discovery,  mixing fat free cottage cheese with humous. I had it with Jacobs crackers again.

Day 4

I wore olive jeans,  a navy and olive blouse and a navy military jacket.  It turned out coincidentally  by meticulous planning, that the olive in the blouse is identical to the olive of the jeans. I was reminded of a previous blog here blue and green challenge on green and blue.  I'm going to add this pic to that blog so as there is a collection in one place.   I really liked this look. 

6.31, yes that is the time!

On the eating front I had my normal overnight oats. Lunch was cod and green beans and carrots.  Note no carbs!  For an evening meal I filled up on wine carbs  (sugars. ) I had 4 small wines with colleagues then went home and had a bowl of fat free cottage cheese and a 'nice cuppa tea. '

Day 5

This was a denim jeans day that I dressed up with a wannabe Channel jacket and white blouse. I accessorised with bracelets and a long necklace.

Food was normal overnight oats for breakfast and salmon and vegetables for lunch.

I lost 1/2 lb this week.

As for outfits, if I had to pick my favourites to repeat another time it would be day 1 and day 4.  

And that's a wrap folks!


  1. I really like the olive jean outfit and your first one too! I'm on the hunt for olive jeans now!

  2. I've really enjoyed this diary. Gauging the dress code is always a challenge but the range was quite wide and looks like you pitched it just right. My fave outfits are the navy and khaki and the twinset one that you didn't like! Your week was filled with some sensible eating, though maybe wine on a low carb day was a bit dodgy!

  3. Love the fringed jacket and the Olive Green and flowery top. Don't be too hard on yourself regarding the diet! I have enclosed a link for you Anna (you said about adding your post to the link up) You might find this useful. I would have emailed it to you but I don't know it! x


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