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Expensive Sale it Turns Out

Do you buy things then to reassure yourself you got good value go hunting in other shops to compare?  I've been doing that this last week.  Why?  Because I had a splurge last weekend.  After a no spend January it's as if my creditcard went 'hey, party time.' I don't mean nibbles in the kitchen either.  I mean full on gourmet caterers type party time, with disco balls.

I blame IG and bloggers. Of course I do!  I read that boutiques now are having their ridiculous mark prior to spring stock.  I read that there's some jewellery that I must have.  Of course I must!

So last Saturday saw me potter into a village.  Any village would do, as long as it had a boutique and sold this particular jewellery. As it happens only around 8 shops in Britain sell the jewellery so I was limited.  You'd think I'd be so limited with around 8 in the UK that that would be enough to stop me.  No!  No it wasn't!

It happens that my nearest village has one of the around 8 stockists.  How fabulous for me.   So I bought these  Georgiana Scott earrings from a Hoop Station near me. I tried them in rose gold as shown below but although I had thought rose gold would suit me it actually didn't compared to yellow gold (which I bought.)  Strange how one makes assumptions but when you try things next to your face you change your mind.  Still, that won't stop me wearing rose gold in bracelets.  


The range was mentioned by Laurie at   Vanity & Me  here.

Next, I went to find a boutique in the hope of finding a bargain basement sale.  I'm not sure about bargain basement but I got these sturdy leather boots reduced from  £220 to £66.  

I did buy these Scotch & soda jeans reduced from  £100 odd to £53 .  

I loved the detail.

However, I could not make these fit me well.  They just bagged around the back of the legs.  Nothing for it but returning them.

I did keep this Jumper reduced from £45 to £22.  I love the zip detail. 

Bargains.  Yes. Quality.  Yes.  But I feel guilty after my no spend January.  Even at the reduced prices.

I really have to work harder at practicing for  pensionhood.

You may think that that is the end of the expensive tale.  No, it's not.  As I parked to return these jeans a kindly lady reversed into the side of my car.  That's all going to be a nuisance to sort out.  

Ironically I was only in that carpark on a Friday because I took a day off work. I only took a day off work because I needed to repair the bracket on my tooth.  I only broke the bracket because I ate my frozen ball of georgousness. I only ate a ball of gorogeousness because I made them. I only made them because Mr Him had the lurgy and we didn't go out.   Hence I blame Mr Him for the whole darn lot. 

Talking of lurgy, I didn't get it.  The zinc infused meal may have done the job!


  1. Haha! Blame him and me I guess! I do so enjoy reading your post's Anna.The earrings are beautiful. I was like a little girl in a sweet shop when I went to take a look! I really like all your bargain finds Anna, especially the jumper. I hope you can join the link up? if your having a problem and need any help, email me - or tweet me @vanityandmeblog I would love to help xx

    1. Thank you Laurie. I've tried but can't see the icon to press. I'll try again. I do so want to link in on your linkz in.

  2. You are so lucky to have escaped another round of lurgy, thanks to Caring Daughter's culinary wizardry. So sorry to hear of your car incident (hope you're OK) though interesting to see from your analysis that it was Mr Him's fault. Cherche l'homme, eh ? I too have reacted to a no-spend January, but in a pensioner way. I have yet to publish the full extent which arrived today. Happy weekend and happy travelling x

  3. Love the earrings and boots. Boo about the car accident. Hope it gets sorted out soon and that your insurance offers a hire car for the duration of repairs.

    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you. They have actually. Hopefully it will be fixed smoothly.

  4. Gorgeous earrings - so pretty.

    Lovely stuff all round. there's no boutiques around here - sob!

    H x

  5. hope you are doing fine dear,
    everything is cool .loved the earrings most.


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