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My Love of Gok

Those that know me will know I favour Gok clothing for work.  It's so easy to wear in its predominantly office colours.  So easy to shop for when it's in the supermarket.  Oops, what's that that's fallen into the trolley on top of the cabbage? It wouldn't be a skirt would it?

I keep popping in  to Sainsbury on my way home from work in the hope a new spring collection is out. Sadly not. Has he given up? 

What is that I am after? A skirt.  I need a new work skirt.  But over the last year his skirts have been too mini for mutton. Why, oh why,  have  your skirts all been so short recently, Gok?

Anyway,  I did pick up this blouse at the weekend in the Tu at Sainsbury sale.  £9. I've been wanting a black blouse for work for a while.  The detail on this one, and the price are just up my street. 

Look at the silver edged circles.  Gorgeous.  Dash to Sainsbury's, dear reader.  See if you can grab this for  £9.

Here I'm wearing the blouse with a Gok skirt and a Gok scarf both from previous years.

I rather like how I brought to a new life this Gok scarf by wearing it as an on trend neck scarf.  It's unlike me to be so advanced.  I've seen these neck scarves on instagram and blogs but not in the real world.  Not once.  In my world I am the first to sport such a look. 

Is Gok continuing?  Does anyone know?  Are you wearing neck scarves yet?


  1. That's what we're missing in Australia, Gok's fashion label. I really, really hope his clothes come here too. He has been a Target ambassador previously but we haven't seen his clothes launched here previously.

    SSG xxx

  2. I like the Gok brand too. It started so well, especially in the media. Everyone was tweeting and sharing. The blouse is lovely, sadly I can't wear Black it doesn't love me at all anymore. I ave a large TK Maxx right next to my local Asda. Any excuse to pop out for a crafty pint of milk only to return an hour and a half later!
    I'm so, so pleased you managed to link up Anna! A new one will begin tomorrow night (Thursday) I hope you link again.

  3. I love Gok too, I bought a couple of bits in the sale last year, but so far not been in, will have to redress that soon if the sales are on! Love the blouse and I totally agree bring back longer skirts! Jacqui


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