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Packing for NYC in February

Dear reader,  great excitement.  I'm packing for New York City.  The exciting part for you is that I obviously have to capsule. I have 3 nights and 4 days to pack for.  Oooh capsule here we come.

Black jeans make the cut, for day and evening.  Same for denim jeans.

 I am taking neutral cardigans for layering.  No jumpers as I can't be doing with that over the head thing 15 times a day.   

My tops are a variety of black,  burgundy, navy and denim. 

For footwear I'm going for 'dependable bendables' see here and my Clarks Boyan black boots mentioned in that same post.  Plus trainers.  I've been warned that I'll be walking ..........a lot.

For adding voomf and warmth to my outfits  I'm taking 4 scarves.

A couple of necklaces, which I've wrapped in paper to attempt to avoid a tangle.

I've decided on just one coat, my Seasalt lined raincoat. 
Any comments or advice.  Before I shut the case.


  1. So exciting, am well jel! I take it the grey cardi is in the pile. And the head issue with jumpers means you plan lots of shopping? I find that I wear just one outfit for each day as I don't tend to return to the hotel to change for dinner. Clark's bendables are a wise choice but no slip ons for the flight and hotel room? I wonder how many times between now and when you leave you'll whittle down, change, switch, add ...?!!! Will follow you on IG.

  2. So exciting!! I love New York. It's a tie between London and New York for my favourite city (besides Sydney of course).

    SSG xxx

  3. Yes lots of walking! Comfortable shoes!!! The weather is warming up here on the East coast so you might get some warm-ish days!! I think your capsule is perfect!! Enjoy!


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