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Primark, the Cardigan and Pantone

Well,  what do you know!  Two fantabulistic things tell you.  But first,  my blog on Pantone spring colours rather got me thinking.  I thunked on whether I'd been seeing/wearing their winter colours this winter.  Heck I didn't even know what they were!  I Googled and here are the colours of the current season.

Oh delight.  Grey is featured, twice.  I can safely say I'm wearing Shark and the Vaporous Grey (what a lovely name.  I will now say I have a touch of the vapours everytime I wear a light grey. How perfectly Mutton.)   Black is safe.  White,  well only in a white shirt or two.  I haven't seen that  vibrant yellow at all.

As for the others.  No, I have not worn them nor have I seen them on other people or household objects.  I have seen a lot of pastel peaches and pinks,  yet they aren't featured!  So how much store should we hold in the Pantone colours of the season?  Well, let's say  guidance only as far as i'm concerned. The spring colours will give me an opportunity to rid old closet items in those colours if I don't wear them this year.  If I don't wear greenery when it's the colour of the year then when will I?   And as I said in an earlier post,  shop for items to invest in. Particularly more neutrals.  If I'm putting together a capsule for a week or two maybe I'll ensure some spring 2017 colours are weaved through from my existing closet. 

Pantone apparently show us what is already a trend.  They don't determine it. In that case we should see the Spring colours emerging in the shops soon.  The big one apparently is greenery.  A yellowy-green of new beginnings.

My good news, folks, is that Primark have my grey cardigan in stock.  For £8.  Maybe you will wish to pop in and grab it.  I had a browse on Monday looking for 'that cardigan'  in Springs Hazelnut or Pale Dogwood.   Look what I found!

I won't get the same wear from it as the grey but it's going to be a companion in the Spring and Summer.


  1. Mauve is there, Anna, which I regard as old lady since I already have it. Great. Panetone is following pensioners' lead!
    So, what is the colour of your new cardi we've just met? Pink? Is it Panetone-approved? Is there news on your grey? Has it done a Melania on us?

  2. I think the Greenery colour that's predicted will be a big hit. I think it's interesting to see what the prdictions are and if they will be a hit.I also like the Flame.We will see!

  3. Gosh, some of those are very extrovert indeed!
    Lovely cardigan

  4. Gorgeous!!!
    i love grey so much!


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