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Revisiting Old Posts and Off For A Curry

Do you ever look at your old posts?   I sometimes wander back to a post of mine from a year ago, or three on my Anna blog.  My wander on Saturday took me to this one.  I was quite Deliously Ella mad around then.  Anyway,  I realised  that I hadn't made, nor eaten, what I called my 'chocolaty balls of Gorgeousness ' for a long time.   The recipe is in the post highlighted. 

On Sunday Mr Him went down with a fever and our planned trip to a pub for 'investigative journalism' was cancelled.  With a free day I made a batch of those chocolate truffley 'balls of gorgeousness', things.  Perfect timing with dates in the shops currently (well, as dates are seasonal and the blog is a  year on this is more than coincidence.  It is astute planning. )

Be warned if you have a go at making these. It's a messy and sticky activity, but oh so worth it. Having made them I popped them into the freezer. I did eat one Sunday evening, and broke a brace.  Aaaghh.  I should have let it defrost first.  Silly me.

On Saturday evening Mr Him took me out for a Valentine's meal.  A curry in one of our many Indian restaurants.  I wore a 4 year old outfit that comes out this time of year for slightly smart dining.  I have this twinset in black and in burgundy.  It came with a matching infinity scarf.  

On Saturday we had snow so I wore the scarf and a necklace so my options for warmth were open in the restaurant.  You never know whether you'll be cold or hot. 

To walk to town I wrapped up in a burgundy coat. It's a clever little number.  It's reversible.  This time I wore the furry side outer. I love the layered pattern in the light.  I got my coat 3 years ago but in limited sizes it appears to be still available here in the UK.  Similar is here in the USA but without a hood here

Mr Him dressed in layers too.

We stopped at our new favourite Tavern for a beer on the way. 

Poppadoms to start,  of course. 

My curry was a chicken Goan masala.


  1. Burgundy looks amazing on you, Anna!

    I do read over my old posts from time to time. For the memories and yes sometimes the recipes too!

    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you. I do think our works are a record for us too. Diaries I suppose.

  2. I absolutely love lime pickle! And your outfit too and I'll look up that coat when I've finished here, as it looks so cosy. Will try those balls of yumminess but without the optional dental disaster - poor you. And poor Mr Him, hope he's feeling better now.

  3. What a beautiful color on you. And that coat is amazing. Glad you had a fun date night!

  4. You must the in a minority re lime pickle! Mr Him recovered after the zinc infused meal.


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