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Week 3 Braces Diet

Not that I recommend you get braces to lose weight.  Still I have advanced to eating homemade oven chips,  roasted peppers,

Donut (from a colleague )

Smoked salmon, avacdo and scrambled. This is a delicious combination in my view for a lunch time.

A bolognaise from mince meat we found in the fridge just in date.  We thought it was miss 22's but she assured us it wasn't.  She was correct. It had an Ocado label we saw on investigation and only we get Ocado.  Anyway I digress.  Mr Him added black beans to stretch it out so we ended up with 6 portions.  Yes we have frozen two meals for us. Still economical, and all ingredients the fridge or pantry. 

For Saturday's meal I made us  tofu and black bean sauce from Lean in 15. I served it on cauliflower rice.  All ingredients shopped not pantry but tofu is cheaper than meat. 
Have you heard of Lean in 15?  The idea is that the food takes no longer than 15 minutes to make. Here's his website .  Now who wouldn't want to follow him!!   I was given 2 of his books for Xmas from Miss 22 and the Automotive Engineer.   

On Sunday I made an open sandwich of pulled pork  (from the freezer) and fresh salad plus chilli and Encona  smokey jalapeƱos      sauce.  I found the pork a bit adventurous to eat with the braces.  This was from the Lean in 15 book.

I lost half a pound over the week.


  1. Replies
    1. we're not really getting sweet potato chips quite right. Recipe hunting is required.

  2. So pleased you are getting to eat normally, what a relief, and good scales results too.
    I'll check out Mr Lean now!

  3. Everything looks so good! I have braces too, but mine are Invisalign, so I can take them out to eat. Still a pain though!

    1. Thank you, Lana. Invisalign are a bit expensive in the UK as they come over from the USA. I am jealous you have those.


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