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Being Tiina

Dear reader,  once again I have been a style-thief.  I've thefted the look that Tiina of   Elegance Revisited put together.  When she showed this last week I realised that it would be a perfect way for me to mix up an outfit for work.   All of the items that I used are quite old but it's the combination that was new.  And new is invigorating.  I used my  tulip skirt  (Gok ), a navy and white stripe Zara  blouse and I topped it with a Gok (here we go again) cardigan.  I used a delicate necklace like Tiina but instead of the silver belt I used an animal print belt. 

Now, my big adaption was to use a black skirt instead of navy.   That meant I wore the unthinkable. Navy blue and black.  Have you ever combined those two?   In this case it surprisingly worked but that's a long way due to the grayish belt which broke up the two.  

Here is Tiina in her version.Tiina


  1. So stylish, Anna. I'm not familiar with Tiina's work but it looks good. Spookily I wore jeans, navy jumper and black gilet out walking today - does the inner/outerwear mix count?

  2. I'm so honoured to be your style inspiration here.
    That looks like a fun and stylish work outfit. And that skirt is great!

  3. I do like a good classic striped shirt. I really like this look, but then, I like all your looks!
    Thank you for linking up to Celebrating Style x


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