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Cardigans of the Work Week

If two weeks ago  at work was about the white shirt then last week was the cardigan.  

On Monday I took my new bargain £5 Woolovers camel caridgan for a test drive with my new bargain £9 black blouse, and skirt.

My blue work skirt was aired twice, both with blue cardigans of differing versions.  Plain old navy but experimented with khaki (all items are several years old)

and with a wrap blue cardigan. I thought the gap of the wrap was ideal to show a belt. This is my Kim & Co blue belt from here

I also wore my two year old grey wrap cardigan with old grey skirt and old beige wrap blouse, and burgundy tights.

I don't know about you but there is one of the spring Pantone colours I'm noticing hit mainstream more than any other,  flame.  It's appearing on coats and blouses all around town.  I have to say it's quite gorgeous and I will be snapping up a flame item at some point.  The closest I have in my closet is a pumpkin top.  It's not quite flame.  It's not a top I've worn much at all so far as it's quite difficult to pair.  I'm interested in seeing how flame is paired on people.  Perhaps I can learn something or three. I can think of   black, denim, leopard and white.

As for my pumpkin top,  I wore it to work on Friday with the fourth  cardigan of the week,  moss.  

How would you pair flame,?  


  1. Wonderful suite of cardis, Anna. Especially love your new camel one.


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