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My Coat

Well,  dear reader, I feel compelled to do a post on my coat.  A few of you have commented favourably  on IG, thank you. 

This tweed was bought from Cousins here   The style of coat is The Brompton  and the tweed is Blue Aztec  here .  This coat  has a fuchsia lining.  

The company bring out a few new tweeds each year.  They have a variety of coat designs the Burghley, the Knightsbridge, the Picadilly, the Trench, among others, and they apply the tweeds to those basic coat templates. 

The  Brompton  that I have is a good length for a petite like me of 5 foot and a pipsqueak. It's also a great length for trousers and jeans.  You can see its falling to just below my knee.  Excuse the wet hair.  I was off to catch my train to work.

Other designs are longer or less fitted. My coat is not a warm winter coat. I would say jacket weight and it needs layering on cooler days.  As the Brompton is fitted there isn't much room for layering so mine is worn autumn and spring rather than mid-winter.

Would I buy another one?  Yes.  I'd like to get another tweed in a button design slightly looser so I could layer thick jumpers under.  Aaaand those jackets are so yuuuum.  I feel my savings being depleted as I type.


  1. Such a posh and stylish coat, Anna, looking good.

  2. Absolutely love this coat. I'm going to look them up. I hope the sleeve length is good.Love the colour too x

    1. The sleeves are fine for relatively short arms like mine

  3. Hi Anna love your blog !!! How do I follow you , I can't find a follow button or am I being stupid !! X

    1. Hi Emma. Click on reading list then add then paste in my http then it's done.


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