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Teal to You and Me

I am so fed up of the winter darks.  I've had my fill of this little lot. 

They've served me well but oh I'm ready to take on colour.   Maybe I'll ease myself into the yellows and corals.  Maybe I'll wrap myself in a covering of teal as the first step.
Perhaps I'll get out my teal coat.

Maybe I'll wear a teal long sleeved T with a grey cardigan to work on casual Friday.

How often do you wear teal? 

 I can tell you, dear fashionsta.  From what I can see you don't, often.  How do I know?  Because I've scoured Pinterest, blogs and IG and there are very, very few (so few I couldn't find any) pictures of you in teal. I'm talking a marine blue colour.    For goodness sake. is it a dark turquoise,  dark teal, marine blue?  Do you not wear it because you don't know what it's called dear reader poor excuse.  Or, did I not find the pictures as I didn't Google the right colour name?  Well. I'll call upon the colour oracle that is  Pantone.

Here's the closest colour to the one I'm talking of. 

What do you know, even Pantone don't know what it is!  Deep sea green, light blue!  

Not to be defeated I will wear this colour and darn the not knowing of the name.  
So on  Saturday I was on an excursion with friends to visit a museum and have a bite of food.  I knew that no one would dress up. This was going to be tourist wear, rather in the vein of my New York outfits.  Long sleeve T shirt, cardigan,  jeans,  scarf and boots.  And I had a hankering ( of course I did ) to wear deep sea green, light blue.  As it happened so did my husband, unbeknown to me. 

It was forecasted to be a warm 16c. Time for  a 'deep sea green,  light blue' breton with jeans and 'deep sea green, light blue' cardigan accessorised with a 'deep sea green light blue' bracelet. 

I would wear tan boots and in case it was cooler later I'd take a handy 'deep sea green, light blue' cape.   

I do love tan and gold with this colour, don't you?

I haven't set a challenge for a while.  Well, you have two now, navy and black together from my Tiina post and this challenge, tan, gold and deep sea green, light blue together. 


  1. I have a couple of teal tops that I love! I'm wearing pinks today to channel some spring weather!

  2. Oh is this where I get caught again! Is my jade your deep sea green, light blue?
    Pantone aside, stunning outfit, Anna, and the cape and boots finish it off beautifully.

  3. At the end of winter time I like wearing more colours too... I think that yellows and corals shades would be perfect! Very nice teal coat and light blue cape ...

    Have a good weekend!

  4. I like Teal. I like it so much that my second wedding dress was Teal! Love the stripe Breton, cardigan and Tan boots. I hope you had a great day out x

  5. I love the teal colour but manly in furniture, believe it or not. Having said that, your top is really nice, this colours suits you


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