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The Faux Leather Jegging

Sometimes  Most of the time, I'm late for the party.  And I don't mean fashionably late to make an entrance.  I mean  arriving after everyone's gone home!  Take pleather or coated jeggings for instance.  I haven't been to that party yet.  Have you?  In fact just as the sun rises on the festival of the pleather jegging I decide to pay a visit.  Let's face it,  when that festival comes around again I'll be tucked up in bed given my age.  So it's now or never.

To be sure I could get away with this I scoured the Internet for fifty something women in leather pleather jeggings.  I found a few.  With that reassurance I ventured into Next and bought some.  Yes, I did. Now, to wear them. 

Look 1

First outing was to a local pub.  I styled them with a poloneck skinny jumper from Kettlewell colours and my Cadenza poncho and burgundy ankle boots.  I liked the mix of textures resulting from combining the cashmere and pleather. Mr Him was quite delighted with this look. (sorry about the lighting)

Look 2

Mr Him had arranged for us to meet a school friend of his for a curry the next day. I've had two brief conversations with this chap over the last 12 years so barely know him and never met the fiance.   I didn't want to appear frumpy so a perfect opportunity to break out the pleather again. ('Yes please', said Mr Him, when I consulted him.) All well and good but what to wear with them?

It was a chilly day.  I decided my blue Kim & co cowl neck would work. I added my necklace and my Clarks Boylan dawn  ankle boots. 

Previous mentions/links of the

Blue cowl neck top cowl top
Boots and link Boylan Dawn boots  clarks-mourning-dependable-bendable.html
Necklace link  necklace which is 20% off and free international postage with code Mutton_style20

The Next pleather jeggings  are  available in store in petite and regular.


  1. You look fabulous in both outfits, no wonder Mr Him was getting hot under the collar seeing his lovely leggy lady in pleather. Me? I didn't get an invite. Pleather wouldn't want to my caught wrapped around MY legs in a Pleather Party paparazzi pic!

  2. I have been looking for a pair of faux leather jeggings, but can't seem to find the right ones. These are absolutely perfect on you!

  3. Love your style! Everything you wear, I would wear.I'm always in Faux leather leggings too. F&F I find are my favourite. Thank you so much for linking up to Celebrating Style x


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