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What to Wear in NYC in a Warm February

How did my NYC packing fair?  I know you are agog to know.  Did I pack enough socks?  Were my cardigans too warm?  Were my shoes comfortable enough?  The answer is it was pretty well perfect.  

To travel out I wore ponte stretch trousers, my long striped Sainsbury's shirt (similar is in stock currently) and a poncho. 

It turned out that my outfits were very much a formula.  Jeans of some sort,  top, cardigan and scarf.  Layers was the buzzword.  The weather was unseasonably warm for February.  For 2 days my cardigan was my outer layer.  

Day 1

I wore these bracelets every day.  They were an easy way to add interest to what were basically casual outfits.

This elephant necklace from Accessorize was worn a lot too.

I definitely needed my 3 cardigans as they felt grimey at the end of the day being the outer layer and so were not on repeat.

Day 2

Leopard print in a scarf is a useful item for oomph as well as being practical.

My 2 evening tops and boots weren't used.  We tended to not go back to the hotel to change but go straight for early evening food and then early sleep from jetlag.

Day 3

The best advice I had was 'take comfortable walking shoes.'  My trainers got a lot of wear. For 2 days I knocked up 26000 steps per day. 


  1. Welcome back! You certainly earned your cocktails in terms of steps walked! Your outfits looked perfect and yes, we tourists tend to stay out for the day then collapse back at base. Wise advice to pack trainers. Hope you post on the trip soon!

  2. Sounds like a great trip! That's a lot of steps!! I'm glad you had comfortable walking shoes for them!

  3. That's a lot of steps Anna! I would love to go to New York. I do not fair well flying though.I think you have chosen really well regarding packing. Comfort it would have to be for me too. A good idea to switch the outfits up with super accessories.


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