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What to Wear to Tease a Blogger

Dear reader,  I had an adventure with one of you last Saturday.  It was Mary the Pout.  I have met Mary before and we have so much in common to talk about far from the world of blogging that it's hard for our husbands to prize us apart. 

Dressing for this event was an adventure in itself.  At first it looked like it was going to be a cold wind so I told Mary to wear her puffa coat.  Then we awoke to sunshine and warmth so I contacted her to say 'abort puffa.'  As for me I decided to layer.  I also decided to be less predictable and avoid grey and teal and slouchy cardigans. 

Instead I wore a 5 year old light beige  (which could be mistaken for Spring's Pale Dogwood ) and a scarf with my grey Next jeans and dependable grey ankle boots.  We were going to walk around Wakehurst gardens so I wanted to be comfortable.

I must admit I had deliberately set out to tease Mary on the clothes front as well as being practical.  After a walk of 12000 steps  (my phone told me ) we shopped in the gift centre  (I bought some Together cropped summer trousers ) followed by a journey to a local gastropub.

Under my thin spring jacket I had my pleather jacket and a jumper, and scarf.

 Under my scarf I had a necklace.  

You may remember that I often hide a necklace under a scarf so as in the event of warmth and scarf abandonment my neckline is not bare.  In the car removed outer jacket and scarf and emerged looking like this.

Mary exclaimed 'you've changed! '  Well no,  not strictly,  just delayered.  I have to add these layers kept me appropriately warm at the gardens. 

In the pub at our table I delayered again  (and there it will stop as I do not have a T underneath. )

Voila I think I surprised the Pout and was suitably dressed for both a walk and a meal and neither hot nor cold for each.

Have you ever worn two thin  jackets?  Maybe that's your challenge of the week.  It's the  perfect time of year to try it.

Cheers!  (I think Mary looks lovely here.  I'm struggling to smile in braces, to the extent I look like I might cry.  I think I was trying hard not to laugh.)

For more on the day see my Anna blog here and Mary's style post here  .


  1. A great description of all the outfit trickery that went on. You looked wonderfully stylish throughout. Great day!

  2. You both look absolutely fabulous!

    SSG xxx


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