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White Shirt 'An Under'

Dear fashionsta,  you will know that I wore a white shirt under a pinafore last week. 
In order to celebrate Jodie's series on the white shirt 'an under'  (under a sleeveless layer) I've explored another couple of looks for work.  I'm always looking for work wear inspiration utilising my existing wardrobe, you may have noticed. 

Jodies series here and here

Unlike Jodie I had to make my looks business appropriate.  Coincidentally I have a couple of long vest or waistcoats or sleeveless dusters  (whatever you want to call them. ) I buy them then they sit in the wardrobe.  This then was a perfect opportunity to dabble with these 'unworns.'  

First this forest vest.   I wore it with a black skirt and added a gold necklace and a forest scarf (not shown).  The office has a large temperature range during the day. 

Next up was a navy vest which I wore with a navy skirt.

 I added a navy  chocker made in West Africa from a traditional  material printing technique.  I bought this in Tenerife last summer. 

Both looks were finished with black tights and black ankle boots just because that's my winter work leg  uniform.

In trying these vests I discovered the joy of arms not so cosseted in the spring.  I had previously thought a vest a fairly useless item as it only keeps part of 'one' (posh aren't I )  warm.  At this time of year,  under a coat that is a good thing. 


  1. What a fabulous surprise to have "inspired" you Anna!! Thanks so much for including my links for the blog!
    And I love the rendition you came up with!! I have a couple of these vests too---now I'm going to have to copy you, LOL!!

  2. Definitely adopting 'the under' this autumn and winter over here. Thanks for the style inspiration!

    SSG xxx

  3. Love the Navy and white.I like the floating ss of the waistcoat. I bet they call you the fashionista at work!


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