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Being Fonda

This last week I borrowed a look of Fonda's, with her permission, being the scrounger that I am.  Fonda and I hang out on GYPO style challenge together.   Fonda of Savy Southern Chic generally displays work outfits so when she showed burgundy with blush and grey I thought I could squeeze that one out of my closet for the office too. 

Fonda wore burgundy trousers with a blush blouse and grey jacket.  I had to spin this on its head although I kept a  blush shirt.  My grey skirt was subbed for burgundy trousers and burgundy/cassis cardigan for a grey jacket.  I added burgundy tights.

Fonda wore a collar style necklace and I replicated with my  necklace that I have just worn so much.

Blush and burgundy is a combination that I see pop up on instagram challenges now and then.  I have to say that I've never partaken.  Only when seeing how well Fonda put it together did I dabble with this pairing.  I'm glad I did.  I spent the day admiring my blouse and cardigan together.  Not much work got done for the business of my admiring myself. 

Here's Fonda's look.  Doesn't she look fabulous and fresh.


  1. I haven't tried this yet.Burgundy was my favourite winter colour for 2016. I'm already thinking about how I'm going to pair it up! You've done a good job on your outfit here Anna. Great necklace too xx

  2. I love this color combo. So pretty on you!

    1. Thank you Lana. I will wheel it out again for work another day.

  3. Burgundy colour is very versatile:it goes perfect with many dark colours! I wear it especially in the cold season...


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