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Being Jane

Dear Fashionista,  just as I was running out of clothing ideas for the week up popped Jane from My Midlife Fashion.  Jane was showing a striped blue shirt,  navy trousers,  military jacket and pearls,  oh,  and red shoes. 

So doable for me.  So office,  especially as I needed a jacket on Thursday as I was interviewing.

My shirt is a few years old,  Zara basics.  My jacket is Monsoon.  Skirt,  I needn't discuss due to its appearance here.  Shoes are just my walking to work sketchers.  Please ignore. They are not a style phenomena.

I added navy tights to compensate for not wearing navy trousers to replicate the look as much as possible. 

My pearls have been knotted a little lower than Jane's recently so I adjusted them slightly to fall next to my first done up button as she has done.

In the office I happen to have red shoes. How jammy is that! 

The only time I wore the jacket in the office was actually, well, not at all as the interviews were cancelled.   Still, my red shoes went well with the look sans jacket.

What did I think of my adaption?  I'd prefer it as Jane had worn,  with trousers or jeans. I can feel a casual Friday coming along. A military jacket and skirt looked at bit,  well, military.  I look  like I'm an officer in the navy. (I could put up with that if I had a gentleman/Richard Gere). Still it was an idea for the day.  I will be combining the shirt and pearls again for work.   I adored those together.  I will do this look with jeans too. I won't combine the jacket and skirt again. 

Here's Jane's version.Jane's version  So much better you must agree.


  1. Lovely jacket and a great take on Jane's eponymous military look. She's such an inspiration, I liked being her. I'm sure Mr Him would make a great officer and gentleman accessory in his white naval kit!
    You are going to look fab next multi day in the jacket and shirt with jeans.

  2. I follow Jane's blog too and she's got some fab styles, you look very stylish in this one and you've styled a winner! Jacqui

  3. Love the stripes with the pearls. I get so many ideas from other bloggers! Thanks for linking up with Fashion Friday!

    1. Yes, its an approach I will be repeating. A fab combo created by Jane.

  4. A winning look. Love pearls with stripes, and red with blue, and military jackets. So all together, divine.

  5. A very good copy indeed! Just popped over for a look! I don't follow Jane so I had to look! I'm really liking those Red shoes. Gorgeous.

  6. This is a wonderful jacket and I really like the longer length. Those red shoes are darling! Thank you so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday so I could discover your blog!


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