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Being Laurie

How lucky am I!  Two in a row.  Two wonderful outfit inspirers. This time Laurie of Vanity and Me was my muse.  When Laurie posted this look a couple of weeks ago I immediately earmarked it for my next casual Friday in the office outfit. 

I dug out my boot cut jeans, last used, but freshly laundered, for gardening.  I did try my straights but honestly I've put on 5 lbs over the last few weeks and they felt decidedly uncomfortable.  A clue was when Mr Him said 'you're filling those nicely.'  I took that as 'your bum looks big.'

He denies it meant that.  Still, they are low waisted and I couldn't imagine being squeezed in them all day with my tummy popping out of the top as I have put on almost half a stone recently.

Laurie wore bootcut jeans.  There was my answer.

I had to swap my kitchen sink contents of my work bag to this old brown leather Boden shopper to replicate Laurie.  I know, it looks huge, but big bags are in, aren't they!  Plus I needed to take in my lunch. 

Addition of brown boots and brown belt. Like Laurie my shirt has no gaping closures. Mine are  called safety pins. Handy gadgets.  My jacket is Marks & Spencer as is Laurie's.  I find them so practical being washable. 

It was not sunny.  I couldn't add the glasses, sadly.

Here's Laurie in her version  Laurie in her outfit looking chic


  1. Great look, you're doing well with your inspiration finds.

    1. My photography needs working on currently. I was trying out different spots but nothing beats the kitchen for lighting.

  2. A great 'copy' well done - Laurie does have some lovely outfits on her blog, one to follow for sure. x Jacqui

    1. Absolutely. It's not easy blogging when you are in work clothes most of the time.

  3. I'm not in work clothes much so find it hard to blog my daily outfits because they tend to be leggings and things with "The North Face" logo (not really very fashionista). You look great in this Laurie inspired outfit. I had forgotten, until I saw you both, how flattering boot leg jeans are. If it's any consolation, I have also put on half a stone and am now frantic to lose it before the beach holiday.


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