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Dressing for a Casual Spring Weekend with Friends

Dear fashionista, I know I horrified you last time so thank you for returning after the episode of the 'boots.'  To put things a little right for you I am going to show you 3 outfits that I wore last weekend when we had a friend visit, and no footwear.

On Good Friday I dressed casually during the day for a stroll in the village.  This is an old Oliver Bonas  jumper. It has one of those gappy openings in a V at the back so I wore a dark grey long sleeved T under.  I added a long gold pendant to break up the monotonous frontage.  My footwear was my sketchers pumps that I mentioned last weekend. 

 In the evening we went to Prezzo, after a de-tour to the Waitrose Winebar and Lockhart Tavern. 

 I decided to wear evening black using my M&S jeggings, pleather moto and a stripy grey, black and white jumper that I bought from Monton last summer. I added a long silver pendant with a black pleather chain.

I feel that this jumper adds an age appropriate splash of flesh for evening as it has some see through stripes.  I wore a white vest T shirt underneath for a bit more modesty.

It's so difficult smiling with braces as we took this selfie.

I'm clearly wondering what I see in him!

On Sunday we went to the Bluebell railway to see the Flying Scotsman and ride other steam trains.  It was fabulous seeing such a famous engine carrying passengers still. 

I wore grey jeans, brown ankle boots, a white T under an H&M basics jumper. I added an H&M scarf.  Although this looks relatively neat by the time I was out and about it all became quite haphazard.  I need to find a way to discreetly pin the scarf to my jumper.


  1. I gave up my boots a few weeks ago! Pedicure time!

  2. I really do love that stripes and moto outfit, suits you soo much. Don't worry about that scarf, in a few short weeks it'll be too hot for scarves.

  3. I love that H&M scarf in your final photo. And that pleather moto is deluxe!!

    SSG xxx

  4. I'm wondering why you felt the need to wear a vest top underneath? You have a great figure.
    I am way behind the times as far as the Biker jackets concerned, I still haven't bought one yet!
    Thank you for linking up to Celebrating style x

    1. Maybe I will try without the vest one day. I'll empty the restaurant and get a seat pretty darn quick that way.


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