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External World Inspiration for Work Wear

Recently I've done a few posts whereby I've stolen a look from a blogger.  Last week I used real world colleagues and commuters for inspiration. 

On Monday I was rather brave and wore a bright green cardigan, camel shirt patterned with rams heads which I'd paired with a black skirt. I had seen a commuter in a Kelly green coat, camel shirt with little leaves on it with a black skirt and it looked attractively outstanding.  Unfortunately on Monday I had an external visitor who was a CEO of a large company visit me. I'd normally wear a jacket. I'd normally not wear rams.  I hadn't checked my calendar.  Hmm, not a too professional look, although office appropriate.  He must have thought he was having a fireside chat with his mother in a cozy cardi.

Still moving on, quickly,  I stole the style of a colleague on my floor the next day . Black dress with burgundy cardigan.  I subbed the dress for a black skirt and blouse and added a belt.  Over the top I swung my Kettlewell cassis cardigan.  My colleague wasn't in the office to notice the style steel.  That day I was giving a talk in London to 50 odd delegates at a conference.  I felt fine in the cardigan rather than jacket.  I think because it was still a dark colour but also I knew the audience were more  cargo pants and loafers  than suit and tie.

Then changing this look up slightly I borrowed a look from another colleague. Black skirt,  cream blouse and burgundy/cassis cardigan. 

There seems to be a preponderance of black with burgundy in my office at the moment.  Has anyone told Pantone! 

Another colleague frequently wears a blue long floaty cardigan with a navy skirt and navy tights.  On Monday she added a pink blouse.  I'm not saying she's normally blouseless. However she tends to wear something that I don't really notice.  The pink blouse stood out in its own right. So what did I do.  Borrow the look of course. Out came my blush blouse once again. 

Casual Friday brought me a different colour scheme. One that  I saw one of my younger colleagues wear the previous Friday.  A brown cardigan and a breton in black and white.  This breton of mine was advertised as ecru and navy from Boden last year. It's so ecru it's white. The navy so navy it's black.  It's not my colouring.  Still I wear it for casual and camouflage the 'not suit' me effect with 'things' (read scarves, cardigans, makeup) by my face that do. Using this brown Fatface duster cardigan helped to make it work.  

Did my colleague notice?  She may have done but if so didn't have a leg to stand on. She wore black with a burgundy/cassis cardigan on Friday.

Postscript. I haven't run out of colleagues yet.  Let's see what else I can borrow. 


  1. I have a green cardigan that I got last year and I love it! All of your outfits are great!

  2. Some good steals, Anna. And if you do find yourself running out of colleagues, you can always start stealing the cargoes and loafers look from those delegates!

  3. Burgundy has been a favourite of mine for some time now. I'm really liking the belt featured with the Burgundy and Black. Totally revs up the outfit. I have emailed you btw :-)
    Thank you for linking up to Celebrating Style!


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