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Footwear for Spring, not

Dear fashionsta, I'm going to horrify you now.  I'm going to post the most awful photos.  Photos that will make you turn over your phone face down (and never pick it up again.) Photos that will cause you to leave your laptop and go and clean out your guttering in preference. Photos that will have you phoning your internet provider and asking for immediate discontinuation of service.  But bear me out.  I'm betting not all my readers are fashionstas.  I'm betting some get it wrong, like I,  and don't know why. 

So, in the interests of those readers  (like I) I am showing you how I got it wrong and  put it right.

It started with my blush primani slouch cardigan. How could it go so wrong?  I added a black and white breton.  Again,  it could only be a success story.  I added olive jeans. Spring like.  A winning colour combo.  Win win win.     No!  For I needed to walk to work in comfort shoes and it wasn't hot.  I added ankle boots. No no no. Yes

First I tried beige suede. You must agree that this looks wrong.  Too heavy. 

Then I tried black '(how could you?' I hear you ask) as my top has black in it. 


This does not work. The outfit is too light for heavy boots.   If I wore the tops with denim or black jeans then the boots would work.  The olive jeans would work with the boots if my top was less airy of colour.  Together this oufit of olive and blush required footwear in keeping with the ambiance of the clothing.  Light and airy.

My light sneakers would be an excellent choice but so also would be  these on trend  backless loafers from Primark for  £6.


  1. Oooh I just got a blush sweater too! Will take note!

    1. I think check out the look in a full mirror is the key. Footwear to match either the top or the bottom.

  2. Such fun to share the shoe selection process with you! The No footwear shows up clearly in the pics and the Yes is definitely the Primani pair. I guess the message is to keep a light outfit consistent through to footwear. Primani coming out tops again, though. I've not tried their shoes, comfy?

    1. So wrong can be made right. Those olive jeans just needed light and casual footwear that time. Although I have worn them with dark boots in the winter with dark tops. In my conference casual week.


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