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How useful is a Grey Skirt for the Office

Oops, I did it again.
I neglected my skirts, got lost in the grey.

Singing aside,  (badly I might add) once again I didn't notice that I'd worn the same skirt 3 days in a work row until I looked at the pictures. Did my colleagues notice?  I doubt it,  if I didn't, and I was wearing the darn thing.

Am I getting lazy in this dressing for work malarkey?  Perhaps.  Does it matter? No. As long as I look professional who gives a whatsiname what I wear!  Me, normally. I enjoy coming up with different concoctions from a standard list of clothing ingredients. AND it's this very  concoctionising that actually adds enough variety that the same skirt wasn't  noticeable.

So how have I concocted this  grey skirt?

Please ignore the shoes, dear fashionista, I'm keeping it real showing my walking sketchers, on purpose of course.  Who am I kidding!

Moving on quickly, where was I?  Oh yes, so how have I concocted this skirt, 

With camel,

Camel with grey is classic and unassuming

With burgundy,

Note the burgundy tights - love them

With burgundy again

A burgundy blouse topped with a grey jacket is an easy combination

And then there are previous outings for this staple office skirt.

With grey

With grey, again 

A grey jacket is a useful addition to a working wardrobe, especially if it's casual enough to wear weeekends.  This one is from Kettlewell Colours and looks equally good with jeans.  It's  a bit of a cardi jacket.  It's washable too.

With grey (what a surprise )

A grey cardigan is useful for a working wardrobe too and changes up the look

Hmmm. I need to try some other combinations, maybe burgundy, or grey,  just for a change, haha.  Seriously though,  there are more concoctions to be mixed.

A black blouse, perhaps. 

You all know how I love my Primark slouchy grey cardigan. It is multipurpose in my life.

Blush too.

If you are an office worker as I am grey skirt  (or trousers ) is such a versatile item.  Mine is about 4 years old and worn week in week out.  I urge you to add one to your office wardrobe.  This is reinforced by my friend, my NatNav mentioned on my Anna blog, wearing grey trousers and a blush jumper today. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Sainsbury's supermarket. There clothes are pretty good and last.

  2. Your own personal IG stalker had noticed your lost in greyness. Love it with the little grey cardi and beads, and the blush mix.
    My granddaughter must be reading your blog, she told me this week she needed to find "the corner of danceness" in granny's house.

    1. Ah, so you noticed but didn't tell me! My office style faux pas was allowed to continue because my blog twin didn't tell me. haha. Oh well. Next week I will avoid grey. That will be a challenge me.


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