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Navy skirt A Corporate Basic

If last week was about burgundy and black with some friends thrown in  (Kelly green and tan ) this week was about one skirt. I didn't plan it that way. I only noticed when I looked at my IG feed.  Ooops. I wonder whether my colleagues noticed this style faux pas.  

If you are an office gal like me then I am probably preaching to the converted, but it appears that a blue skirt is quite the useful basic.  No wonder it was so easy to grab this and wear it 3 days in a row without even I noticing.

It's a versatile neutral going with many blouses within a closet


Classic white and a striped sailor jacket




And with summer coming up navy stripes and pearls

How else would you wear this skirt?  Let's play dress Anna for work.  You comment with an idea and I'll wear it.


  1. You can match the skirt to everything! A blue skirt is really a neutral piece ...
    I love it with the teal...the sweater has a very cute shape!

  2. Lovely last outfit, do like a Breton stripe. Nice to link up with you. x Jacqui

    1. Yes that's one of my favourites. The top is Primark a year ago. Present from Miss 18 when she was 17.

  3. All great looks! Love the stripe Blazer. I'm looking out for some different style Blazers atm. I fancy a Cream one or striped like yours. Hope your having a great weekend xx

    1. Sainsbury's bring a version of this out regularly. Mine is Tu. Worth keeping an eye out.


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