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The Arrival of the Neck Scarf

I remember the 80's.  I remember working in the 80's. The uniform of the working woman in 'the know' was padded shoulders, stand up collars with a pearl necklace, or poloneck jumpers with  square  scarves wrapped around the shoulder and knotted mid chest  at the front.  Well, in the financial district of London it was.  The blanket scarf was not even a twinkle in a weavers thread count. In fact, most likely the weaver wasn't even born!

At the time I was given a Gucci silk scarf by my company as a Xmas present.  Men received ties. This scarf has barely seen the light of day for 30 years.  Until now.  Now, with the revival of the  1950's style neck scarf it is time to give it an airing, for work no less.

Neck scarves are once again worn by those in 'the know',  instagram know this time.  As they haven't yet hit mainstream  (well in my world anyway) it takes a bit of bravery on my part to be so ahead of the scarfage curve.  With bravery and gumption I donned my Gucci scarf and wore it to work a few weeks ago.  I think it needs wearing slightly shorter.

So another day I flounced around the office with an old Gok satiny scarf around my neck, knotted.

Not that I'm predictable but I seem to be using black as a backdrop to my scarves, or a scarf to add interest to black, I'm not sure which, or both. 

Going a step further I bought this reasonably priced gem from Joules at  £9.95 each in both navy and in cream.  

You can find it here  Myriam scarf  

I wore the cream one with a blush Primark cardigan and white T shirt.  I wasn't brave enough to wear this to the office.  I elected to try it out on the dentist. Well, why not! It was successful according to my daughter who happened to be the nurse in attendance to all my rinsing out  needs.

I tried this two ways and can't really decide which I prefer, the knot at the front or the side.  

How are you getting along with neck scarves?  Have you started your experimentation yet?


  1. This is why I hate to get rid of anything! You look fabulous in the neck scarves - I need to give this a try!

    1. Thank you. I'll feel more comfortable when they are mainstream.

  2. Stunning scarf, my sweet.

    I remember in 1989, going to work in a suit and trainers, like Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl. x

    1. That still happens. I walk to the station in my black sketchers this time of year. Heels kept under my desk.

  3. How can you have a Gucci scarf locked away all that time? Make the most of it!Plus it's gorgeous. I'm a big fan of scarves, weather they are in fashion or not and all the scarves look great on you, I like the different ways you have arranged them too.


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