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You Won't See Me In..

Embroidered denim (I remember it first time around)

Bell sleeved or frilly jumpers (I'm one for keeping frills on blouses) 

Backless loafers (I mean honestly.)

Except I've succumbed.  I've bought backless loafers. In fact 2 pairs.

Primark ones in pink,

but available in silver and black as below,

and these Dune babies in gold.

I don't know whether you've noticed but elongated frontages, or almond toe as the experts call it, are still in the shops, and on feet.  

When the loafer is backless and almond toe I fear  it gives  me the flipper look. I don't recollect flippers being a trend before, do you? The Primark ones are a bit tight on my high bridge foot which stops my foot going in further, accentuating the flipperage.

My oldest daughter has banned me from wearing them in her presence on account of this very flipperage.  I'll just have to wait for her to catch up with me on the fashion scene.  In the meantime I've stuffed the toes of my Primark ones with socks to stretch them a bit.

A backless loafer does avoid the blister phase and is a comfortable seasonal transition shoe that I think I will be wearing quite a bit once this cool weather is past, when my daughter isn't around to be a critic.   I'm looking forward to wearing the Dune ones in the summer for outings, leaving my oldest at home most likely.   I hope by then you'll all be wearing flippers too. I don't want to be that far ahead of the curve, or you.

Have you bought any backless loafers ? How are you planning on wearing your flippers this coming season? 


  1. Yes, Anna. I bought some of these babies ... back in the early noughties. Not as glam as your two pairs but mine are sort of nude and from Jones. I stopped wearing them a few years ago but they are comfy and the style fits my OAP footwear criterion superbly, that being must be easy to put on, no fiddly bits for unbendy body to tackle. Reading your post inspires me to search them out, hope I still have them. I particularly like your gold ones, so elegant and be prepared, you will soon be addicted to the ease of wearing these babies!

    1. I doubt you looked like you were wearing flippers though, as I do. I'm sure once they are stretched and the weather is warmer I will be wearing them almost daily.

    2. I found one of my pairs - I look like I'm wearing boats. I think the other pair were chucked out but I did find a pair of heeled loafers - the look like flippers so let's get together and form a marine park act!


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