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A Twinset in Richmond, er Kingston

Dear Fashionista,

As a woman of style, as you are, do you adapt to change of circumstances easily.  I'm sure you do. Me, well, not so well.  Take Saturday for instance.  I was visiting friends, in Richmond so I thought, but we'll come on to that. 

Firstly though I had planned to wear my grey leopard print and grey cardigan a la this post.  With half an hour to get ready after doing the supermarket shop I rummaged for said top.  Could I find it?  Could I heck. In the process I turned my bedroom into a visual cacophony.  You know the sort of noise.  Clothes everywhere.  Still I adapted.  I found a twinset in this year's hazelnut amongst my clothes blast on the floor. This worked.  In fact better than my first choice as under my mac  (yes it was going to rain) my grey cardigan would probably show.

I added black jeggings and faithful leopard trainers.

The twinset  is available still from  here   

There are a few colour options.  Unlike as advertised I am wearing the tunic front tucked.

This twinset was one I'd forgotten about.  I'm glad I found it. I'm now eager to wear it more.  It's perfect for this weather and the shape of the cardigan is on trend,  which means I better make the most of it now before it dates. Sometimes it's worth being agile. 

Talking of which once I was on the train I sent a snapshot of my train route to my friend.  'I'm not in Richmond ' she sent back.  'I'm in Kingston .' 

So after a quick flirt with a train to Richmond I was agile once again and changed my route.

I was impressed with Kingston.  Considering it's about 90 minutes by train I'm amazed I haven't been before.  There is a lovely food market with hot ready food of varying ethnicities. 

The main square has very attractive historic buildings.

We bought food at the market and took it home to eat at my friend's flat.

Not to be detered though,  after visiting my friend in Kingston, I then went on to Richmond to see another friend that I had arranged to meet later in the afternoon, obviously thinking they were in the same town.  

Richmond, 10 minutes further on the train, is equally beautiful.  Both areas are sitting on the Thames. 

By this time my tummy was after something a little puddingy, and there on the counter of the Slug and Lettuce (a bar chain in the UK)  was red velvet cake.  Perfect with coffee and a wee rum.  A simple, sweet desire, satisfied. 


  1. Hi Ana !
    I like the twin set even if it was not what you had originally pictured to wear.
    Well luckily you were able to change trains !
    Sometimes we have so many amazing places nearby and all we have to do is dare to explore.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we all really should explore our area more.

  2. Oh that cake! Looks like a great trip!! Come visit Valley Forge! :)

  3. Smart outfit, Anna. Those of us who don't opt for the 10 item capsule have to be fleet of mind and foot when trying to find specifics amongst 200 items! You did so well. I go to Richmond occasionally, it's lovely down by the river. Sounds like you had a great time.

    1. It is true that a capsule would be easier but the masses enables agility.

  4. Anna this is where I shop most of the time! We need to meet up! Late catching up with my favourite bloggers this week! So glad you enjoyed your shopping trip at Kingston xx

    1. Thank you and yes to doing this together. So many lovely shops.

  5. Loving it. And your stylish self puts me to shame...

  6. I love your twinset, Anna and so masterfully styled too.

    Kingston looks gorgeous. Thanks again for your little photo journals about the places you visit near your home.

    SSG xxx

  7. What a lovely place! I would love to visit! Thank you for stopping by Ladies Who Link Up! Hope to see you next week!

    Cheryl Tucker


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