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A Weekend in Leopard Print Trainers

Or How to Entertain in Leopard Print Trainers 

This last weekend was about the shoes.  The leopard print shoes to be exact.   It was also about bamboo, Eton mess and entertaining..but mostly about the shoes.  The reason is that the weather was dry, warm but that not quite spring but not winter either. weather. My leopard print trainers came into their own.  I hope that they are still available for you if you haven't got some already.  I mentioned the site here (they are still available today, I've checked.) 

On Saturday we had my family over to visit (brother, mother, sister in law, sister in law's sister, sister in law's sister's boys and the spider that swallowed the fly.) With my girls we were 11 people. 

I don't know about you but when I am choosing what to wear I consider dangle-ability into the food I'm preparing and the stainablility of the item during my kitchen clumsiness. These factors are  balanced against looking half reasonable.  Add to the mix that we were planning on eating outside but it was not hot.  

My outfit therefore revolved around the shoes which were easy for inside the house and outside i.e. my leopard trainers, and a jumper to equally be easy inside and out and keep me warm.  I chose a thick acrylic jumper which is not as warm as wool, in blush.  Generally this jumper has been worn with the obvious grey but this time I wanted to try olive.  Leopard feet would be ideal. 

So what to adorn the neck with?

excuse blurry photo. I am no pro

Before I move on to what I thought would work I want to show what wouldn't. I noticed that my what not to wear on the feet post was useful. Here is an example of the opposite situation.  This look being darker and less springlike, because of the trainers, would not work with a spring scarf as below.  This scarf needs lighter footwear, and also another face.  It's not my best colour at all, and it shows in my expression.  

A long necklace would be ideal to break up the expanse of the jumper but I didn't want dangle-ability, so this would have to be another time. Still, you must agree it shows how badly the above scarf looks with this combination.  If I were going out I would settle on this necklace.  It's an ideal length and tone for the outfit. 

Due to dangle-in-cream-ability though I decided on a higher sitting statement necklace.  The size of this one would be in keeping with a chunky jumper and bring the eye up so as the expanse of jumper tummy area was not highlighted. 

This jumper is M&S from a few years ago.  I like the asymmetrical cut.  

As for the Eton Mess, this is the closest I got to taking a pic for you.  Oh dear. Suffice to say it was all eaten.

Bamboo, you ask.  Well look what arrived Saturday morning.

Sunday therefore saw me dressing comfortably for a visit to the garden centre to pick up some pots for the bamboo.  Again the weather was leopard print trainer appropriate.  This time I wore them with comfortable straight jeans, a beige jumper and a navy puffa vest.  It was too warm for a coat/jacket but to cool to go without that extra layer.  A puffa vest was ideal.  

I do like navy and beige, don't you?

Monday, today is a bank holiday.  An excuse to break out the joggers, and yes wear them with these trainers.


  1. Such fabulous casual looks! Love those leopard shoes!

  2. What a whopper! Puts mine to shame. #bambooenvy.
    Yes, outfit analysis pays off as you hit it just right with your entertaining outfit. It's rained and we've done nothing for two days. #entertainmentenvy.
    Yes always like navy and beige and like your pot-buying outfit. #noenvyashavepotsbutyoursreallyisawhoppersomaybehaveatouchofpotenvyanyway.

    1. We need rain. I bought a water butt today in the hope it will bring on rain.

  3. Love those trainers!! Also love that word dangle-ability! What a gorgeous bamboo!

    1. Thank you Heather. So many more useful words to be invented yet.

  4. They are cute, brings some funkiness to your outfit. x Jacqui


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