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Blush and Aqua, jumpers and Skirts

Dear fashionsta

Do you look around you for inspiration?.  I bet you do. Do you find yourself internally storing  ideas on a mental styleshelf? A bookshelf in your head for outfit ideas. One such idea sitting on my mental styleshelf was a blush blouse with a simple aqua necklace. 
I saw this in the winter on a TV show and promised myself that I'd try it in the spring.  It was one of those cursory flashes that caught my attention as it looked so good together as a combination. 

Well, spring arrived this week and I dug this delicate look from my styleshelf.

I paired the blouse with a navy skirt and navy duster.

Another look sitting on my mental styleshelf was a knitted jumper tucked into a skirt.  For this I'd been waiting to dig out my spring sleeveless beige jumper.  I wanted to try this with my black tulle skirt for work.  So last week  I did. 

It must have looked okay as a lady on the train took a pic of me in this  for her styleshelf.  I'm just waiting for cropped pics of my tummy to start trending.

How else has work gone this past week?  Thursday was interesting, you'll know if you follow my IG story.  If not then pop over and take a look on my Anna blog here.Anna blog  

I'd have been better off working at home with an abacus and not bothering with office finery that day!  Sometimes spreadsheets and email are eclipsed by mice and powercuts.


  1. Very smart, Anna, both looks are so I classy. You really are my younger twin. I've stored a Swedish lady's look since in 2011 and I've only just recently found the jumper to recreate it! Hope all evidence of mice has been eradicated from your drawer, that was truly terrifying, yet you put on such a brave face. And you have truly made it as a fashionista when strangers are now popping you! Wow!!

  2. Another seamless use of the words - and you have teamed it with some great looks. Style everywhere I look.


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