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Conference Smart - The packing

It's not long before I fly off for that great British excursion,  the annual holiday.  When I'm burdened with the grey skies of home my heart is in Santorini or Costa del Vino Callapso, if I'm lucky.   In the meantime I have Manchester to look forward to.  For yes, I'm off to that Midlands city for a conference on Monday where I'll have peers illuminate me.  I feel a packing post coming along. This time it won't be conference casual, but conference smart, which won't be entirely ghastly.  I can have a bit of fun with it, I think. 

Do you remember my use of carrier bags for sorting outfits for a short trip here?  Well I've discovered some ready made packing gadgets that I'm going to try out. They are called Ebags and I found them on Amazon.  I ordered the ultralight ones.  They feel quite flimsy but are meant to be made from a robust material that will stay the distance for many a trip.  

This link should take you to the ones that I ordered  ultralight ebags    available from Amazon. 

On this conference excursion I'm going to take with me.

3 jackets
1 evening blouse
1 black skinny jeans
2 dresses
Faux pearls
Gold chain
1 ankle boots black (no its not sandals weather next week )

This was an adjusted list as my first plan was abandoned after trying on my clothes.  Lesson learnt!  My first attempt was skinny navy and black jeans, which felt and looked too skinny, too revealing for the audience.  Not conference with peers appropriate. So I decided on dresses, and my minds eye envisioned the jackets I'd wear with them.  But no, I found that those mind's eye jackets did not go with the dresses when I tried them together. 

I am so glad I did a dressing-room-in-my-bedroom try on as I shopped my wardrobe. Hopefully, on the third attempt,  I now have outfits to be a sensation in (I jest of course.)

Next step, packing in the ebags.

 I started by sorting into days.

This layout was abondoned as I decided to pack my 3 jackets in one bag so as I could hang them as soon as I arrived rather than leaving them in a ebag getting creased.  The other ebag then had my dresses, underwear, tights and jewellery stashed together. I also packed an outfit for Monday night in the rectangle bag in the pack.  (Monday will be a party of one, me, but I might as well change out of office clothes to take myself for a meal.)

Here is my suitcase packed, so organised, including a spare little ebag for laundry on the return.

Although I say it myself I think this packed case is a delight to behold.  I feel so proud of myself. 


  1. So that's where you're headed! I've been tempted to get some of those bags before but put it off. Seeing your exceptionally neat and prettily packed suitcase is selling me on the idea. Great way of organising case and hotel dressing. Hope you'll be posting your daily outfits for us. Enjoy the trip.

  2. I love posts like this. They are very helpful! Thanks for stopping by Ladies Who Link Up today! Hope to see you next week! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I also love packing posts. Does this make us nosey?

  3. Wow. A seamless use of the prompts - and I really like the look of those bags...

    1. Thank you. I really enjoyed using the bags, and the prompts.

  4. Wow! You're a great packer. I've never seen little packages that go in a bigger suitcase. That's a great way to keep things organized.

    1. Very easy, and available on Amazon. I was very proud of how this looked and it was convenient.


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