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Let's make Pink a Neutral

Yes, let's!   Wouldn't that be fun.  So much fun that we should try it with that other fun neutral,  leopard print.  It works surprisingly well doesn't it.  A grey leopard print automatically comes to mind but, wow, doesn't brown so work. 

 I was inspired by Fonda of Savy Southern Chic wearing this combination 2 months ago on Instagram.   Doesn't she look fabulous?  Would you have thought of this combination?

Savy Southern Chic looking fabulous

Shocking pink is how she modelled it but that's not my colour so I used my coral  pink cardigan from Boden.  I'm so glad Fonda showed this combination.  I will certainly wear it again.  My version was worn on a Sunday afternoon to our local bar to have a drink, or 16, with friends.  

I wore it with black jeans and brown belt picking up the leopard top colours. I chose not to wear a necklace as the top is busy enough.

Mr Him wore one of his Weird Fish Tshirts.  Prawn of the Dead.

Then to just stretch my point a little further I teamed pink with that other wannabe neutral,  stripes for casual Friday in the office. 

I haven't set a challenge recently dear Fashionista but today I am.  Go forth and style a pink cardigan.  Perhaps with leopard,  cheetah, elephant or zebra stripes.  Show it in your blog. I'd love to see your interpretations.

Cardigan, Boden Favourite Crew cardigan no longer available in coral

Breton here


  1. Love your coral and leopard outfit!

  2. That outfit with coral is super, both with leoprint and stripes. It's a great colour on you. And refreshing to read that I'm not the only outfit inspiration hoarder!
    Happy weekend to you and 'im.

  3. I love that combo of coral and leopard. Must try!

  4. I've retweeted you. #soproudofmyaccomplishment!

  5. I'm about to re tweet you too! I need to find me a Pink cardigan now foe the challenge! xx

  6. Its interesting how it all depends on how you look at it. In this case your neutral is pink and yes it is ! I love how it plays with the leopard print top, works marvellously well.


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