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Plant Hunter by Seasalt

My Seasalt Plant Hunter  coat  arrived in my life in December.  I first tried this  out in temperatures of -3c. No! Brrr! I quickly found this is not a coat for warmth.  Even if I'd layered up a puffed waistcoat underneath from the waist down I'd be freezing.  The cold cut right through the fabric. 

So I set it aside for warmer days.

With temperatures around  10c and air full of  drizzle I tried the Plant Hunter once again.  This time successfully, hoorah.  

Seasalt Plant Hunter coat

With just a light jersey dress and cardigan underneath  I ventured to the station in my new Plant Hunter coat.  Perfect.  It kept the windchill out.  I felt a distinct difference between my coated body and upper legs versus my uncoated  face. 

Next test,  New York.  Yes, being appropriate for wind and rain and plus 10c it was perfect for that trip. One coat for all adventualities, except snow and minus degrees.  Luckily the weather was warmish.

I now use this coat as my go to rain coat, even for work.  I'm not sure the financial district of London understands me however.  My body and clothes thank me though.  A bonus is that with the hood I have abandoned the burden of carrying an umbrella. 

As temperatures now rise towards summer I will need to allow the coat to seasonally hibernate and pull out a lighter weight mac.  
The Plant Hunter can be found here Plant Hunter  It's no longer available in the Pool colour that I have but there is a neutral coal colour available.    I can also see this on Amazon so you may be able to get this from there if you are a non UK reader.  Note that it's designed to fall at the back of the knee at the back.  I'm under average height. 


  1. I like the Seasalt brand. I've been browsing their Instagram feed. A rain coat is a must for our lovely UK weather at the moment! Hopefully next week will be sunny!

  2. Sometimes happens that you buy a piece of clothing thinking that it is perfect for a season and then discover it isn't...never mind, your beautiful coat is perfect for the transition seasons!
    You know, you dog really looks quite like mine!!


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