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Plants and Other Stories

I have photographer envy.  There I've said it.  This is combined with work life balance and the need to take my rather shabby outfit photos on my own before I go off to work.  I have tried outside pics but where the sun lies in our garden in the morning means that I am facing the wrong way.  I therefore also have location envy also.  So, sorry ladies, you will not get fantabulistic magazine worthy outfit pics from me.

Let's move on .  This post is about some household improvements that I have done recently.  Nothing exorbitant money wise.  For instance there is this pot in the kitchen that has a broken and chucked thrown out lid. The jar is part of the Noah's Ark collection from Arthur Wood.  I decided that rather than leaving it empty, as has been the case for a year, I would re-purpose the jar by using it for kitchen utensils.

I have been on the hunt for an Aloe Vera plant for a while.  It seems impossible to buy.  I know, I know, once you have one you will never be short of one, haha.  Still it was getting that 'one' to start that was the issue.  A colleague then brought some into work already potted.  I grabbed one, thank you very much.  

Last year did you buy one of these plant pots from Tesco?  It had a plant in at the time but mine seems to have died.  It's an ideal pot for my newly acquired Aloe Vera. 

Talking of exotic plants I have bought these huge bamboos.  The aim is to add screening to our garden.  At the same time they add a level of interest to the back of the house. These were £60 each from an online supplier, Paramount Plants.  Delivery was within a week.  

On Saturday one of my visitors bought me these lovely tulips which are now sitting on the kitchen table. 

 Currently my home could be the epitome of instagram chic.  It won't last.  

Meanwhile in the garden even our tulips are on trend, being frilly 

the geraniums are in flower 

and our tree peony is blooming for the first time this year.

 Now I need a bath to sooth my painful back, which yes still hurts.

It is possible for me to point my camera and take a reasonable pic worthy of a blog.  However, when I'm in the pic it's not possible to be blogworthy.  This leaves me wondering whether I should just give up or just try harder.  


  1. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!
    Your doing so well! I look forward to my weekend reads! Get a tripod and a remote, then you have freedom to take photos by yourself anywhere!xx


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