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Pleather and Bling bring my Head and Heart into Conflict

Dear Fashionista

Sometimes I'm a total disaster.  A disaster that shouldn't be let near a pair of sandals let alone pleather.  In my head I'm thinking if I don't wear it now I never will.  I understand my head.  I can rationalise that thinking.  My heart, though, may go ' hmmm,  that's not me. I'm not sure I'm comfortable.  On the other hand, maybe head, you can just get away with it,  this time.'  

One of those times was on Sunday when I put together the black column and denim jacket challenge that Mary set here. So simple. Such a go-to if you have a denim jacket.  So can't go wrong.  Then my head comes along. ...and almost goes wrong. 

Take warm weather,  take a simple sleeveless  H&M T from last summer  (I'd been waiting for the weather to warm up to do this challenge as this T was core ),  

take black jeggings.  This was all the right bits.  Add a pair of gold platform sandals,  a bling necklace and make the jeggings pleather.  Oh head,  where oh where have you taken me now?  And you are so right,  I will not be wearing that in 10 years time.  At this point, whilst looking in the mirror heart chimes in with 'you shouldn't be wearing it flipping well now! '.

So here it is. 

Black column and denim,  slightly blingy.  Slightly perhaps age inappropriate.  However let's consider this,  the venue and occasion. 

We were going to meet our friends for a Sunday drink.  We were not going to a village pub,  all wellies and tweed.  We were going to the bar mentioned here.  Where the women wear sparkly jumpers and sunglasses upon heads.  That bar. Consider also that at our age Sunday afternoon is the new Saturday night.  It's when we in the new prime of life venture out for our modest revelry with friends. For that my head said 'go on girl,  it's Saturday night after all. '   My heart said,  'but it's daylight and you're walking the dog to get there! '

Suffice to say my heart had the last laugh as I fell off the platforms twice falling over on the way home.  My head argued it was the wine.

Do your heart and head have a symbiotic relationship or is it fraught with tension like mine.


  1. Oh darling Anna, you have rocked the challenge! I'm thinking Olivia NJ, Grease ...? So I'm thinking Mr Him liked the outfit?
    Love the wedges which must be the ones I missed because I was prepping for travel? #kickingmyself.
    Hope you didn't spill and blood or tears during the challenge? But well done, I've been longing to see your take.

    1. Thank you. Yes a bit Grease I suppose. I actually did graze myself quite a bit. All for the sake of blogging. Such a risky hobby.

  2. Well, I don't believe in age appropriate dressing, I believe in dressing for your body type and personality, and I think you look fabulous in this outfit! Amazing actually!

  3. You do look fab in this outfit, loving the sandals. Just wear what you want to wear - that's my motto! Jacqui


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