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A Navy Summer Dress in the Sky Garden

Several years ago I was sitting at Clapham station with a fellow commuter.  It was a hot summers day.  Faye was a lady in her early 70s.  A returner to work.  Yes.  A returner.  However, that's not my point.  As we sat talking of the weather and all things ice cream she said, 'I like seeing all these pretty summer  dresses on the girls.'  I  thought,  'yes, I remember when I was young enough to wear pretty dresses to work in the summer.'  I'm not sure what I was wearing but recollect not being confident to get my legs out in the office. 

This leads me on to now when without a second thought I've been in summer leg mode and even a girl  mutton-woman wearing a pretty dress.  OK, pretty might be an exaggeration but age appropriate patterned summer dress at least.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of going to an event at The Sky Garden.  A tropical greenhouse on top of the Walkietalkie. It was 21 June, the longest day and 34c which made it the hottest summer solstice in 40 years.  We were 'having a heatwave.' It was hotter than LA, Greece and Dubai to name a few. 

I decided to wear a navy and white Nina Leonard dress. 

This dress was last seen here on holiday-dressing-diary-part 2  .The observant of you will notice the difference in colour.  Well, it's not the 'same' dress.  I bought a few of these as I thought they'd fit a variety of occasions.  Do you do that?  If something fits and works buy it in several colours?

This time I added a simple silver necklace as I needed to add some bling to partake in a cocktail evening and nibbles. 

 I added gold wedges sandals from Clarks as they're comfortable and,  well,  gold.

I have found in my business wanderings recently that people are much more commonly taking selfies or asking others to take their pictures. Yes, even at business events, if there's a view or scenery as a backdrop. These pics were taken a female colleague of one of my Oslo travellers. I took a few of her too. I might carry this photographer in my pocket in future. She's done a good photographic job. And yes, she did instruct me to stand on this bench!

The views were superb. 
Being 34c and no air con I grabbed a refreshing mojito on arrival and pretty well gulped it down.

Food was hot nibbly things but I also had a bowl of fried courgette including flower I think served on green something. 

Have you heard of Nina Leonard?  I have a bit of a collection of work wear. It's probable second to my Sainsbury's work wear for quantity.  It's available on QVC in many countries.  This dress is no longer available but do browse the QVC site for similar.  


  1. Loved the dress on IG, love it here. Looking pretty and ready to party! Yes, I used to buy in more colours if something worked when I was an earner.
    Loved the post. Love how it's OK to have photos taken now, wish that had been around when I was living a less soporific life! The lovely lady has captured some great shots of you having a great evening in an amazing location.
    Wear that dress again soon!

  2. I love the dress, the weather, everything! Living summer again through you. Missing it just a bit here in Sydney.

    SSG xxx

  3. I love the pretty dress and your stylish photos. What a gorgeous setting!! The food looked yummy too!

  4. The sky garden is an amazing place to visit, I found it delightful when I visited. Great thoughts, look and outfit. Greetings!

  5. Looks like a fabulous day! You do get about don't you! Love the dress. Have watched Ninas dresses many a time on QVC xx

  6. The dress is lovely and truly flattering! I love the views and what you had for lunch too! Xo Jonet

  7. The perfect little summer dress! I could wear that every day! :D

    Thanks for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday & have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    Dawn Lucy


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